Sunday, 25 January 2015

Some readers wives - lovely!

Well it's taken a while (last October), but here's another mini-collection of pictures sent in by readers - either partners of blokes or the girls themselves.  As I mentioned in the last post, I sometimes get them through (nowhere near enough of them for my liking) - ladies in various states of undress and/or sexual arousal - and I love them and will gladly post them up here.

I hope you enjoy this bunch and don't forget, if you have any pictures you'd like to share, you can email me at

These two are from Melissa, in Upper New York State, who writes "Do you like my pussy and the way I'm touching it?"  To be completely honest - "Yes, Melissa, yes I fucking do!"

This is from Andrea, in Sheffield (yay, UK lass!). "I see you like feet, so how about mine and my cunt as well?" Works for me, love!

This spectacular shot is Clara, as taken by her husband Mike. Apparently, she wishes that dildo was me, tit-fucking her! Can you imagine how immense those puppies would feel wrapped around your cock?  Wow!  Very nice, Clara, very nice indeed!Nice!

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Titfucking Melissa

I was thinking the other day about what started this blog and my Internet dating days seem some way behind me now.  They were great fun though and it reminded me of a woman I met called Melissa - she was very nice, blonde, early 40s, bit of a free-spirit and divorced for about five years.  We got on well, saw each other a few times and although I don’t see it going much further, we had a nice time.  Even better, she fancied me, she was always horny and she had great tits!

On our fourth date, we’d been into town and hit the bars and both of us got a little bit tipsy.  We went back to her flat and I couldn’t take my eyes off her - she was wearing a knee-length skirt and a tight blouse that showed everything in the most perfect way possible.  The merrier I got, the more her tits mesmerised me, even the way they moved when she breathed - it was like they were trying to escape her bra.

As she brought in a glass of wine for me, she noticed my gaze, smiled and put the drink down.

“Do you think I have nice tits?” she asked.

“Absolutely, they’re terrific.”

She began rubbing her right breast gently. "You know, sometimes, if I’m in the right mood, I can make myself cum just by playing with them. I cum even harder if someone else is doing the playing.”

That was an offer I couldn’t refuse. I started to rub her left tit, brushing my fingertips along the line of her bra and heard her sigh as I slid a finger into the neckline of her blouse.  Some of the buttons came undone, allowing me easy access and I sought her nipple, massaging it through her bra it hardened under my finger. She began to squirm slightly.

“It’d be better if you could see them,” she said and pulled her top over her head. She undid the clasps on her bra and let it fall to the floor. Her breasts were full, with nice, largish nipples and she rubbed them, pushing them together until her cleavage was nothing more than a tight crack. She leaned forward, her hands on my shoulders, until my face was inches away from her skin. She pushed me backwards on the sofa, until I was lying down and gently swayed her magnificent tits against my face. I reached for her arse, but she firmly put my hands on the sides of her tits.

“No, let’s just keep this simple. I can’t do anything tonight, but let’s get each other off.”

I admit, I was disappointed but it was better than nothing. I started kneading her tits and squeezing her nipples, craning my neck so that I could kiss her warm skin. I sucked a nipple into my mouth and she moaned - this tit play was really getting her hot, the flush of colour across her chest and throat telling me that. I cupped her boobs, mouthing one nipple and teasing the other with my fingers. She moved against me, pushing her tits into my face until my nose and mouth were covered. I grabbed as much of that heaving flesh as I could and squeezed them together. Her nipples were right next to one another and I managed to get them both into my mouth at the same time. She gave a little squeal, which rapidly turned into a series of pants and moans as I sucked and chewed. Within seconds her knees were shaking and her full weight fell onto me, my tongue playing her nipples hard. She came, all of a sudden and writhed against me as I continued my assault on her breasts.

By now my cock was rock hard and as she lifted herself up slowly, she looked at my crotch.

“That was incredible, Pete,” she said, “let me return the favour.”

She slid down until her face was level with my crotch and unbuckled my belt, then pulled my trousers down.  She slid her hand into my boxers and pulled my cock out, rubbing it gently and I watched, in delightful agony, her fingers glide up and down my shaft. Pulling my trousers and boxers down and off she smiled and leaned forward slightly so that the tip of my cock was rubbing softly against her lips as she wanked me. She continued this for a few minutes, one hand softly massaging my balls. Then she used what nature had given her. She shifted closer until her tits were resting on my thighs then rubbed the head of my cock over them. She teased me with her nipples, pushing my cock against them, rubbing it all over the large mounds and in the valley of her cleavage, coating her skin with pre-cum. Then she slid my cock between her tits and, with both hands, wrapped them around me until I could only see the head poking from the top of her cleavage. She held them tight and began to squeeze her nipples between her fingers as hard as she could.

"Now let’s see if I can make myself cum again, before you come all over these, okay?”

I didn’t need telling twice and started to pound my cock between her tits as she squeezed them.  The friction was unbelievable and, combined with the view and the fact I knew she was getting off, made it one of the horniest tit-fucks I’d ever experienced.  I thrust as hard and fast as I could.  She dropped her head, my cock banging her chin as she started moaning.  The sensation of my balls brushing her skin, the feel of her tits in my hands, the pace and movement of my cock were getting to me, pushing me closer to the edge.

“I’m there,” she gasped, “cum on my tits, cum on them.”

I thrust harder, feeling the pressure building up in my balls. "Oh fuck, I’m cumming.”

“Yes,” she gasped, “do it now!”

The cum exploded out of my cock, shooting across her cleavage and face. She moved her head and took the second blast into her mouth, then swirled her tongue around the head of my cock each time it came within range. Her own orgasm overtook her as she pulled her nipples hard, almost screaming in her pleasure. The cum dripped of her face as I carried on fucking her tits, until I couldn’t go on any more. She smiled at me, rubbing my cum into her skin.

“Wow,” she said, “that was incredible.”

“I’ve never had anything like that before,” I said, stroking her tits gently and pulling lightly on her nipples.  “We’ve got to do that again!”

“We will,” she said and stood up.  She smiled at me, put her hand under her left breast and lifted it up so that she could tongue the nipple and mop up some of my cum.  That view, in itself, was enough to get me going again…

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

A blast from the past!

You know, I'd forgotten that this picture existed and so it's with great thanks to my old mate Nick that I can post it here.  He found it - somewhere - and sent it through to me, saying it'd be great on the blog and I can only agree.

We were at college and there was a band, made up of some of our classmates, that we all followed from pub to pub.  They were good - not enough to get signed - and it was great fun watching them and I took some of their publicity photos.  The lead singer was a tasty Goth called Katya who was at least partly Polish and she had a thing for both me and Nick.  We never went the whole threesome route but things were as  free and easy as it was possible to be in the mid-to-late 80s. 

One night, backstage, Katya was talking about blowjobs and Nick & I said we'd never been played with at the same time. Neither, it turned out, had Katya ever played with two blokes at once. Which is where this picture came from (I'm on the right).

Great memories, thanks Nick.  I wonder where Katya is now...? 

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Pat - an exercise in black & white

At the Photography club last night, we were informed that whatever images we took, we were only allowed to display in black & white.  Since I like that format, especially for nudes, I was quite happy though some folk saw it as a restriction.  Hey, boys, you're taking some arty photographs of a naked lady, lighten up!

I shot in colour then worked it back in my Photoshop derivative.  The model, Pat, was very accomodating and good fun.  It was a great session - hope you like the pics!

Saturday, 3 January 2015

What I Like (for new readers)

I think this blog is fairly thorough in its approach to a delight of the female form - either photographically or carnally - but I don't suppose it matters to re-iterate the kind of thing I particularly like.

So for newcomers, my favourite things are (not limited to but these are pretty much the top)...

Belly - lovely.

I love boobs and I like that dimple, between the side of the breast and the armpit.

I love women's feet and am a master at the foot massage!

Ah, bums! My ex-wife.  She had a great arse.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Happy New Year!

I just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who's visited the blog (especially those who've emailed and sent pics) over the past year and say 'Happy New Year'!

I wish you and yours the very best wishes and look forward to posting more adventures in 2015!

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Happy Christmas!

Well, it's that time of the year again and I would like to take this opportunity to thank every reader of this blog - those who pop in and out, those who Google+ my posts, those who send in pictures of their ladies - for all of your support over 2014.

I hope you and yours have a wonderful, safe and happy Christmas and I wish you every success for 2015 - be it spiritual, material or carnal!

And here, because I love Christina's feet, is my picture for the season!

Thursday, 18 December 2014


Another great meeting at the Photography Group last night.  Sammy was a new model for us and very good to work with, she knew how to pose and had a very winning smile (she reminded me a little of the actress Sheridan Smith).

Great set, lovely model and the perfect evening for the last meet of the year.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

A shag at Christmas

It was my works Christmas do tonight and we all trooped off to the Raj, in town. There were about ten of us and, if I’m honest, it was a good evening. Made much, much better by the fact that I bumped into my old friend Carol. She was also there on a works do and I was sitting there, checking over the menu, when I felt fingers walking along my shoulders.

Surprised, I turned around and there she was, looking absolutely fucking stunning. We exchanged pleasantries, then my colleagues began ordering starters and her friends called her over.

“See you soon,” she said and winked. I smiled at her and watched her walk away. When my wife left me, Carol was one of the first women that I saw - we’d known each other before, but got to know one another a lot better over a few weeks. I kind of wished those weeks would start up again!

When it was time for the next round, rather than wait for the waiter to come over, I decided to head to the bar. I don’t know whether she meant to or not, but after I’d been standing there for about a minute - scanning the room, looking for her, Carol was standing next to me.

"How are you?" I asked, "doing okay?" God, she looked beautiful.

“Yeah, so so,” she said, “still single. How about you?”

”Same here, but dating now.”

“Oh good, how’s it working out for you?”

“Not bad.”

She smiled and bit her lip. I’ve always thought that was erotic, with Carol it was more erotic than most. I felt my cock twitch.

Carol looked me in the eyes and smiled, slyly. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“I don’t know,” I said, hoping against hope that we were on the same wavelength.

“It's Christmas, we're old friends, let's celebrate the season..."

"Uh huh.”

“Okay, I come here to eat a lot. Go up the stairs, turn left, there are three doors - gents, ladies, disabled. Go upstairs in five minutes, I’ll meet you there.”


“Just getting into the festive spirit,” she said.

“I’ll be there.”

I got the round in, excused myself and went up the stairs. The door to the disabled loo was locked, so I knocked.


"It's me," I said and she opened the door.

The toilet was large, with a sink against the left wall and the pan against the back wall. Carol was standing in front of the sink, wiping between her legs with a piece of tissue. "Give your tackle a quick swill," she said, "then sit on the loo."

I did as I was told, then went into the cubicle. She had pulled her top off and popped her tits out of her bra and I couldn't resist giving them a squeeze and thumbing the nipples. That made her groan, which just made my cock even harder! She was wearing a short black skirt and it was around her waist like a belt. As I watched, she pulled her white knickers off and hung them over the toilet roll holder. Her juicy pussy looked fantastic, with speckles of water in the fine blonde fuzz that covered it.

"Pull your trousers down and stand up,” she said and I did. My cock sprang up. “Fuck, I’d forgotten how good that looked."

"If it looks anything as good as your fucking body does, I'd be more than happy."

“Turn around.”

I did and leaned forward and felt her hand snake between my legs. I felt her arm on my back and then a click sound and she photographed my cock.

“Kinky,” I said.

“You idiot, Pete, I saw your blog.”


“No problem, so long as you print that picture as well as anything else you take of me.”

“I haven’t got my camera.”

“I have my phone, it’ll do. Now, sit down.” She smiled and pushed me down, then pulled her leg up and settled one foot against the cistern. Her right foot pressed against mine, her pussy starting to gape right in front of my eyes.

"Pussy needs attention," she said, almost purring and I didn't need asking twice.

As you may have guessed, I love muff-diving - I love licking the lips, soaking them with spit, then prying deep with my tongue, making it hard like a little prick or solid and flat, to cover as much ground as possible. I tend to leave the clit sucking until later, to try and get the ladies into a froth before I touch the magic button.

"Harder," she said, "we haven't got much time. Suck on my clit."

"How long have we got?"

She reached down, grabbed my cock and started to stroke it. "They’ll probably send out a search party in about ten or fifteen minutes.”

"Fuck it," I said, my lips directly over her cunt, my nose pressed against her clit. She groaned, gripped my cock harder. I kept licking, as if my life depended on it, then she moved and put her feet on the pipe boxes to either side of the bog, hotching forward.

"Wait," she said and turned around, showing me her arse, then tilting forward. "Hold my waist."

I did and, fearlessly, she leaned right forward and as I began to lick her pussy once more, she sucked my cock into her mouth, her tongue playing around the head. She bobbed up and down, literally fucking me with her mouth, her arse shaking as my tongue skills began to hit the spot. She reached down, began to play with my balls, her fingertips brushing over my arsehole. It was all getting too much, then she let go of my cock, stuffed her hand in her mouth and let out an almighty groan.

Her pussy muscles began to contract and I could feel warmth and heat in my mouth. I moved her forward, her legs moving sluggishly and then she was on her feet, her eyes a bit dreamy, smiling at me.

"Fucking brilliant, Pete,” she said.

“Good, now turn around.”

She did and I ran my hands down her back, gripped her waist and guided her down. My cock was standing to attention and I pressed it against her pussy lips, so that she knew where she was. She reached between her legs, put her hands on my knees and I held her hips as she slid onto my cock.

I reached forward, sliding my hands around her body until I was cupping her tits. I played with her nipples, holding my hands flat so that her movement made me brush them. Her pussy was incredibly hot and wet and she quickly went from riding me slowly to humping my cock hard and fast.

I could feel her pussy getting wet and she began to play with my balls again. I felt her finger and realised she was rubbing her clit too. She bucked, thrust harder and then stopped, all of a sudden, both hands crammed to her mouth, as she came. I could feel the tremors rippling through her pussy and her breath caught in her throat. I carried on fondling her tits and then she moved again.

“Are you there?”

“Almost,” I said and began to fuck her now, really thrusting into her, our bodies slapping. She reached down, one finger massaging my perineum, the other hand playing with my balls. All too soon it was too much and, with a gasp, I came inside her. She kept playing with me until I begged her to stop.

After a minute or so to get our breath back, she slid off me and, as I stood up, she sat on the toilet seat.

“Take a picture,” she said and I watched some of my cum ooze out of her.

I took the picture and we got dressed and promised to do it again sometime, then went back downstairs to our colleagues, trying to act as if nothing had happened. My lot quickly guessed, I wonder how long it took her friends?

Monday, 8 December 2014

Ooh, lovely toes...

Rachel, in her car - a little experimentation with light and toes. Lovely.