Sunday, 19 April 2015

Some more of my ex

It's been a while since I featured her, so here are some shots of my ex-wife, spanning our relationship from the early nineties and well into the noughties!

We couldn't make it work between us in the end, but she was a gorgeous woman and thankfully we were smart enough to stay on amicable terms

And without further ado...

Monday, 13 April 2015

Fun with Rachel

During one of the hot nights last week, Rachel was working on her laptop. She’d already had a shower and was wearing a little vest type top and not a lot else.

When I came into the lounge, she lifted a leg and wiggled her toes at me. Loving that, I knelt down in front of her and flicked my tongue across them, paying particular attention to her big toe. She giggled, pulled her foot back.

“You look good,” I said.

“Too hot for anything else, but it makes my tummy look big.”

“Fuck off,” I said and rubbed her belly. She has the slightest of bulges, I think it’s really sexy, she’s not keen.

I got up and walked around behind her chair. “Done yet?” I dragged my fingernails gently over the tops of her breasts.

She sighed lightly and looked up at me, cocking her eyebrow as I cupped her tits and gave them a little squeeze, before tracing the outlines of her hardening nipples. She looked back at the screen, tried to work again but her sighs got longer and louder as I pinched her hardening nipples through the thin fabric. Her head lolled to one side, giving me access to her neck and ear and I nibbled her earlobe, grabbing her breasts slightly harder now, as she likes it.

"You have amazing tits, Rachel and they look fucking good in that top.” I kneaded the soft flesh, squeezing them together and pulling them apart, enjoying the weight in my hands. I sucked harder on her earlobe.

“Okay,” she gasped and put the lid of her laptop down, “fucking do what you will.”

I smiled, gave her breasts a final hard squeeze and stood up. “I want you on your knees, arse in the air.”

“Sounds good,” she said and smiled.

I thought it might be, but not in the way she did.

She put her laptop down and assumed the position. I kissed her feet, worked my way up her legs, pushed her top up her back and kissed that now naked flesh, worked on her neck and her ears. By now, she was virtually limp, allowing her knees to slide down. I tapped her on the arse, told her to keep it up.

I kissed her arse cheeks, feeling them quiver under my attention. I could smell her arousal, that beautiful scent and I knew she was ready for me. I licked her buttocks, getting tantalisingly close to her arsehole, but never quite caught it. Each time I missed, she’d gasp. All of this was making my cock twitch, but I was determined to keep my boxers on.

Finally, I gave in to what she wanted and stroked her pussy lips lightly. She gasped, jerked slightly, pushing back against me. I let her do it and slid two fingers into her soaking warmth.

Throwing her head back, Rachel whimpered loudly, bucking against the two fingers stroking her walls almost immediately. I moved my hand, my thumb now teasing her clit.

“That nice? Do you like that, my fingers in your hot little pussy? Fuck, Rachel, you’re so tight and wet.”

I reached forward, cupping her tits with my spare hand and that made her almost sing with pleasure. I leaned forward, licking her pussy lips hard and fast, my tongue battering her clit even as my fingers thrust in and out. As her moans got louder, I could feel my cock leaking pre-cum into my boxers.

I let go of her breasts and leaned back. I used my right hand to play with her clit and lips, my left hand to finger fuck her. She was moving against me now, completely caught up in the moment, her legs literally trembling with pleasure. I moved down, licking and sucking where my fingers weren’t.

Rachel squealed, sighed and panted, squirming and bucking her hips against my fingers and mouth.

”Pete,” she gasped, but I didn’t say anything, I just kept moving.

I curved my fingers slightly, the way I knew she liked it.

“Yes, come on, do me.”

I pushed her down and slid another finger into her pussy, curving it against her front wall. She was on fire now, gasping and my thumb was working overtime on her clit. I felt her body squirm, but kept the pressure up.

“I’m cumming,” she managed to gasp, “I’m cumming!”

I knew it. I felt her pussy walls clench around my fingers and I began to thumb her clit like I was a bass player.

She screamed my name as her whole body went limp, shuddering and her pussy got a lot wetter. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy but carried on gently massaging her clit until she begged me to stop. She laid down on her belly and I waited until she’d stopped moaning and writhing, then leaned down and kissed her wet pussy.

I laid next to her.

“Aren’t you going to fuck me then?”

I smiled. “Oh no, I need to have a shower and you have work to do.”

She wasn’t keen but I was insistent and by the time I’d finished my shower, she was more than ready for me and, by fuck, did she make me pay!

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Detail of Christina

With the nice weather, Christina has taken to wearing summer dresses with not very much underneath.  This past weekend, I decide to take some shots of her.  I've done a bit of tinkering with them, but they're not quite ready to put into my portfolio. So I thought I'd post them here as works in progress, then perhaps re-post when they're complete to my satisfaction.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Jess, again

Back in October last year I introduced you to my friend Jess. I also posted some pictures of her, which went down well (thanks for all the comments, she loved them!).

Sorting through some old files, I found some more and - with her permission - I've posted them here. Again, as before, if you like what you see, let me know at and I'll be sure to pass your messages on!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

More of my ex-wife

For some reason, this past week or so, I keep thinking about my ex-wife.  I don't know why, though it's not entirely unpleasant, so I fished out some old pictures of her.  And here they are...

This was taken early in 1993, we were living in what could be perhaps most romantically described as student accomodation.

 She had a great arse

 What a juicy pussy!

One of her favourite positions to give a blowjob from - and, very quickly, one of my favourites too.  I could lean forward, play with her tits and move further, finger-fucking her whilst she worked her magic with her tongue and lips!

Friday, 20 March 2015

More readers wives (selfie pics!)

It's been a while (since January, actually), so I thought it was high time that I published some more of the 'readers wives' pictures I've been getting and, particularly, the selfies.

I love the whole thing about this, of people sending me pics of their wives and/or girlfriends (and selfies, of course) and please keep doing so.  My email is and all correspondence is welcome!

Take it away girls!

Saturday, 14 March 2015

A blowjob from Christina

We’d been at a party and Christina looked as hot as fuck!  With her hair pulled up in a pony tail, a tight white blouse that showed off her tits supremely, a short black skirt and fishnet stockings, she was a real sight for sore eyes.  She got plenty of attention, all night and it was a treat to know that she was coming home with me.

By the time we got back, she was as randy as fuck.  I’d barely made it into the lounge when she was pulling at my shorts and shirt.  She squatted beside the coffee table, pulled my shorts down and off my legs and then pulled my boxers off too.

“I’ve been thinking about this all week,” she said, gripping my cock.

“And I’ve spent all week thinking about fucking you.  Imagine how hard it was for me to go to the party with you looking like this.”

Christina smiled and tugged back my foreskin as she began to stroke my cock.  “You’re pretty hard now,” she said, smiling and licking her lips.  As her right hand stroked me, her left played with my balls and she fondled them between her fingers.  After a few minutes, she leaned towards me but rather than go for my cock went for my balls.

She gently licked them, tugging at the skin lightly, exploring my testicles from top to bottom and from side to side. She teased them with her teeth and in between playful ball nips she nuzzled my balls with soft loving kisses.

She was still wanking me and leaned back, her lips shiny with saliva and gave her full attention to my cock.  She squeezed it in the middle and watched as a clear drop of cum slid out of the top.  Sticking out her tongue, she flicked the tip at my cockhead and licked the dribble up.  The tantalising sensation sent a jolt of pleasure through my cock and up my spine. She stuck out her tongue again and began to flick the tip of my cock quickly, almost in a frenzy.

Christina parted her ruby red lips and sucked my cock into her mouth.  Securely gripping it between her lips, she sucked the head of my cock like it was the last cock she would ever blow. The sensation was exquisite and the suction was so great, it felt as if drops of cum were being sucked right out of me.  When she released the suction and slowly worked her way up the length of my cock till all of it was in her mouth, I wanted to sit down, the pleasure was so intense.  As she swallowed as much as she could, I felt her breath on my lower belly.

She kept bobbing on my cock, but never let it go fully, her lips were always clamped to the tip.  It was too much as I soon realised I was holding back the urge to begin thrusting in and out when I heard Christina mutter something.

“Fffuk mai mowth,” she mumbled, her mouth still full.

“What?” I asked, not sure I’d heard it right.

She pulled out and glanced at me.

“Fuck my mouth.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah. Just not too rough.”

Christina gripped the base of my shaft and slowly swallowed it all up again. She let go of my cock and put her hands on my belly as I held the back of her head and leaned back slightly.  I pulled out slowly and then leaned forward with my pelvis, watching my cock slide into her mouth.  It was a horny sight and knowing that I had full power made it even better.  I slowly drove my cock in and out as Christina coquettishly stared up at me.

Her eyes were wide, as if she was as enraptured by the exchange of control as I was.  She watched me, her eyes twinkling, as I gasped and moved faster and faster.  Soon, I was shoving almost the entire length of my cock into her mouth and it was slick with drool.  My hips rocked back and forth quickly as I fucked her mouth.

I leaned forward, reaching for her breasts and I played with them as I fucking her mouth, her slippery warm tongue playing with the tip whenever it got a chance to.

After a while, she pulled back.

“Are you okay, was I too rough?”

“No, it was good, but it’s starting to ache a bit now.  Let me do this bit.”

Without waiting for a reply, she slipped my cock back into her mouth and ran her lips across it.  The oral stimulation was fantastic and she made a noise like a satisfied mmm, as I tweaked her nipples.  I looked down, watching her work on my cock, her cheeks drawn in from the vacuum she was producing and she took my cock in at an angle till it was visibly poking out of her cheeks.

Her pursed lips slid up and down my shaft faster and faster. Her head bobbed back and forth as she stole glances from me.  The wet noise, of my cock slipping in and out of her mouth, lubricated by saliva, was getting louder and I began to groan.  She was so good, this whole thing had been so good, I knew I couldn’t hold off for much longer.  My sounds and the squirming of my cock must have alerted Christina and she responded by keeping pace and sucking as fast as she could.

“I’m going to cum,” I gasped.

“I know,” she said.

“But…”  Christina hated to swallow, she’d already told me that.  I needn’t have worried.

As I got ever closer, she released her and her hands instantly replaced her lips.  She wanked me, fast and hard, pointing my cock towards her chest.  She slid her left arm under her tits, lifting them up and with a groan, I came.

The first jet of cum caught her chin and she gasped, leaned back a little, re-directing my cock.  She kept pumping her hand and the rest of my spunk hit her neck and chest, sliding down over her tits.  She pulled my cock until the last drop of cum was shaken out.

“Wow,” I said, “I loved that.

With her left hand, she rubbed some of my cum into her tits, then puckered her beautiful lips and gave my my drooping cock one last kiss on the head.

“Thanks for that, Pete,” she said.  “Now I’m going to have a shower and you’re going to do me.”

Monday, 9 March 2015

I'm in love...

Who is this woman?  If you know, please let me know - she is so bloody sexy!

Update - she's called Wendy Cooper and made several videos in the 90s! Expect to see more of her soon! Yum yum!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015


We had another new model at tonights Photography Group meeting and, once again, Mick had booked a blinder.  Her name was Alyssa and she was brilliantly professional, very photogenic, sexy and funny and after we had a chat, perfectly happy for me to post these pictures to my blog.

As ever, if you'd like to let Alyssa know your thoughts, email me at and I'll pass on your message.


Thursday, 26 February 2015


So there you are, happily tit-fucking and watching your cock getting buried in those gorgeous mounds and then you start to feel it.

"I’m going to cum," you say.

She smiles, reaching around to grab your arse to make your thrusts all the more harder, pressing her tits closer with her other hand.  The friction is incredible, the view beyond compare.

She smiles again, bites her lip.

It’s too much, you’re there.

"Cum on my tits!" she pleads, "cum on my tits…"