Thursday, 1 October 2015

Rachel's anal beads

Rachel & I had a date and I was really looking forward to it.  It’d been a while since we’d seen one another and since most of our meetings got hot and heavy, I had high hopes for this one too.

Then a spreadsheet disappeared as I was working on it - stupid fucking server - and since I needed to get it done, I had to stay and re-do it.  I rang Rachel, who sounded really disappointed, said goodbye to colleagues as they left for the evening and resigned myself to a takeaway and a wank.

At a little after seven, I went into the copy room to get something and when I got back to my office, I noticed the door was open.  Assuming it was the cleaner, I didn’t think much of it until I realised I could smell Rachel’s perfume.  Smiling, I pushed open the door and there she was.

She was leaning over as if to pick something up off the floor, her legs spread slightly and instead of bending her knees, she’d bent at the waist. She was wearing an pale blouse, a short skirt and black heels. I took in her shapely legs, stared at her firm thighs and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, she bent further and her skirt rode up over her arse revealing her glistening pussy lips.  She was going commando!

Rachel pulled her skirt up to her waist and it took me a moment to work out what I was looking at – there seemed to be something white sticking out of her arse. Then I clicked and my cock started to grow and I looked at the string of the anal beads and smiled. She turned slightly, smiling.

"Hello office boy, I need you to fix my toner. It’s stuck and I need you to give it a pull.”

I laughed, walked over and slapped her right buttock.

“Hey Pete, what do you think, do you like this? I wanted to try something new.”

I flicked the string that hung out of her shiny arsehole - she’d used plenty of lube.  “I like it, how many do you have in?”

She laughed.  “That’s for me to know and you to find out.  So come on, pull them out.”

I took hold of the string and slowly began to pull. She moved her body, towards me and back, as if tantalising herself as the chain in her arse moved. I put a two fingers on either side of her arsehole - making her gasp - and pulled a bit more, harder now, until one of the bright green beads popped out.  Size-wise it was somewhere between a marble and a ping-pong ball and she groaned as it slid out.

”Oh fuck,” she gasped, “keep going, that feels so good.”

I kept pulling until the second popped out of her arse, then a third, fourth and fifth. That was the last and I held the string up, looking at the beads and then at Rachel’s arsehole as it moved back into shape. I licked my finger and slid it in, making her gasp. She reached back and grabbed my cock through my trousers.

“You pulled them out and that’s left a space I need you to fill, office boy.”

“I’m there,” I said and quickly slid my trousers down.

She turned and we kissed as I kicked my trousers off and she pulled my boxers down. She moved back, licking her lips and took my cock in both her hands. It grew a little more and I moved, wanking myself with her hands, which made her laugh.

“Look what I found – he looks all swollen. Perhaps I can soothe him."

Rachel knelt and slid her mouth over my cock. It took my breath away, as it always does, to feel her wet, warm mouth and tongue working their magic on me. I slid my hands into her thick hair, pulling her towards me.

She let go of my cock and blew lightly on the head, then licked her way down to gently suck on my balls. She kept going until I was moaning with pleasure, then she leaned back and nodded approvingly.

"I think you're ready for someplace a little tighter."

She stood and sat on the edge of my desk, hiking her skirt up over her hips. Spreading her legs, she laid back and spread her legs wide.

"Come fuck me,” she said, softly. I tried to take everything in and she pulled up her blouse, showing off her bra. I hooked my hand into the left cup and popped her tit out. “Kinky,” she said, then I ran my hands down her belly and slid my fingers into her juiced up pussy.  Some of the lube she must have used for the beads had clearly slid down - as ever, she’d been a messy girl. She was ready. I took hold of her hips, positioned myself between her legs and, ever so slowly, pushed in.

Rachel groaned softly as I slid back out until I was almost clear, before ramming back into her deeply. She grunted and I started fucking her, playing with her tit, kissing her, nibbling her neck and ear lobes. I hiked her legs up, opening her pussy further and reached down, to slide my finger over her pulsing arsehole. She grunted as I slid my finger in, making her writhe. I pushed another finger in, gently and she grabbed me tightly, biting into my shoulder.

“Fuck!” she yelled.

I finger-fucked her arse as I continued to pound her pussy.  This was too much – too fucking good – and I thought my balls were going to explode when I felt Rachel’s muscles clench around my cock. I fucked her harder, faster, my fingers still in her arse.  Quickly, she groaned and dug her fingernails into my shoulder as she came.

She arched her back and I kept pumping until it was too much and I came in her cunt, leaning forward and resting my head on her tit. I stayed like that for a while as she stroked my hair, then I slowly slid my fingers out of her arse and pulled my cock out of her pussy.

“So,” she said brightly, “have you finished all your work?”

Friday, 25 September 2015

Model shoot with Coral

Through the Photography Group, I was approached by a young lady called Coral (I don't think that's her given name ;-) who wanted some pictures taking for her modelling portfolio.  Her boyfriend knew of this blog, suggested she got in touch with the group and that led her to me.

I couldn't get into the Group studio and she didn't want to shoot at her place, so we decided to try something different.  Not far from her, in Northampton, is a small industrial estate that's having work done on it.  The equipment is left in a compound that it's easy to get into and so we decided to shoot on a digger.  Great fun and Coral was a great model.

If you want to get in touch with Coral, for modelling opportunities (Northants, Leicestershire and Bedfordshire ideally) or just to let her know what you think of her pictures, you get can in touch via me at


Sunday, 20 September 2015

This email arrived today...

... with a really short and simple message and an attachment.

The message read:

"Please fuck me, wherever you want..."

The attachment is shown below.

Now I would love to take you up on that offer, you have a lovely arse and those feet look like they could curl nicely around my cock but you didn't put your name on it!  Write back, please, as soon as you see this!

Monday, 14 September 2015

Readers Wives on holiday!

As we say goodbye to the summertime and those memories of ladies in cropped and low-cut tops, wearing shorts (or less), bikini's and open-toed shoes, what better way to remind us than some readers wives.

As ever, I don't get nearly enough sent to me (if you have any, either of yourself - hello to the lady readers of this blog! - or of your wife/girlfriend, then please send them through to, but here's a collection of holiday themed shots.


 Karen's white bits and Alex's knob - what a combination!  Thanks folks!

 Fiona enjoys a drink in a cooling bath - nice white bits and a great body.  Thanks to Fran for the picture.

 Becky soaks up the sun in Corfu.  Thanks to husband Ron for the picture.

"I know how much you like legs and feet," writes Emma.  "This is me, on a boat trip off Lanzarote.  Enjoy!"  Thanks very much Emma, very nice!
 Melly on the beach, sent in by Melly herself.  Very nice.

 "This is my wife Katrina at a service station in Michigan," writes Ken.  "We're both readers of your blog and since she felt the need to flash me, we decided we'd send the pic through the you."  And I'm glad you did, thanks folks!

 "It's not one of your books," writes Sandy, "but here's my girlfriend Jayne reading on holiday.  Hope you like it."  I do, she's got a great body.

 "This is my partner Suze, who got a bit too much sun."  Thanks to Gaz for the photo, he looks to be a very lucky man!

 "Proud to show off my white bits," writes self-confessed MILF Louise.  Proud to publish them, Louise, looking good!

"Kate's arse and feet, hope you like them!" writes Lewis.  I do indeed, my friend!

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Greta the fetish model

Keith, a friend of mine from the Photography Group, is into fetish work - sometimes I like what he does (the fascination with body parts, obviously), some of it not so much (some of the get-ups, where the women are more covered than if they were walking to the bank).

He went to an exhibition and got talking to Greta, a fetish model who specialises in legs, feet and domination.  He asked me and a couple of others if we wanted to co-fund a session, where we'd have an hour each and shoot it at his place.

Keith chose to do a shoot with Greta all dolled up in leather, Andrew went for a basque and loads of cleavage, I'm still not quite sure what Nick did and I went for feet (naturally).  Greta was a lovely girl (once she was "out of character") and we had a good time.  She also has very nice feet.

Enjoy the set!

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Kate's arse

I’d seen Kate a couple of times and we got on well. After the third date, we started sleeping over - a nice meal, a few glasses of wine, a shag and then off in the morning. After a week or so, whilst we were engaging in pillow talk, she confessed that she’d love to try anal sex but was worried that it’d hurt. I was no help, on the few occasions I’ve tried it, it has been painful. Kate had read that a massage often helped to relax, so I offered.

“Would you mind?” she asked.

“Of course not.”

“And I have a butt plug I picked up from an Ann Summers party, we could perhaps use that to open me up, see how it goes.”

I couldn’t wait. Our next date was the Wednesday and after I arrived at hers, we had a meal and sat chatting and then I offered to start the massage. She was more than up for it, so we went up to her bedroom, put a towel down and I told her to strip off and lay down. I got the oil and butt plug from the bathroom and made a start.

Not wanting to freak her out, I started at her neck and shoulders, then worked my way down her back on to her legs. I used long, hard strokes and took my times, enjoying the light mewling noises she was making. I made wide loops across her buttocks, moving down her legs to her toes, then back up.

“Work on my arse,” she muttered dreamily and so I did, pressing deep and hard, really working into the muscles.

That process kept her cheeks opening and closing, showing off her arsehole and the lower portion of her pussy lips. I kept working the cheeks, pushing deeper between them with each stroke until I couldn’t help but hold them open to stare at her hole. I bent forward and kissed it gently and then began lightly biting her buttocks. Her murmurs of appreciation spurred me on, so I licked my index finger and bent forward again.

Kate positioned herself so that she was more comfortable, pushing her arse up as she did so and as I licked and kissed her buttocks, I tapped her arsehole gently with my finger. The first time, she groaned out loud but the more I did it, the more the groans became purrs. I kept pressing, harder and harder until my finger slid inside her. I pushed it in to the knuckle, still kissing and licking her and she said, “Oh fucking hell, Pete, fucking hell.”

I picked up the butt plug. It was black, fairly short in length but quite thick at the largest part before retreating to a narrow neck. I rubbed a liberal amount of oil on it and then rubbed my oily hands all over her saliva covered asshole. Spreading her cheeks with my fingers, I began to rub and touch the tip of the plug to her hole. I felt just a little tensing from her and rubbed gently for a little longer, letting her return to full comfort.

“Relax and enjoy it,” I said and started to push the tip of the plug inside her.

I waited for her to get comfortable, then worked the tip in and out going deeper with each stroke. Her hole looked very sweet as it continued to relent and allow the plug to go further. I heard a small groan as the widest part was reached. Giving her time, letting her cheeks close around the plug and my hand, I rubbed her cheeks with my free hand.

“Yes,” she gasped, “go on, push it.”

I started stroking her again with my hand, pulling her cheeks as wide as I could and put pressure on the plug. It sank further and wow, what a sight. The wide portion breached her and the plug sank fully into her and she moaned.

”Okay, flip over onto your back.”

I helped her move and most of the movements made her shiver. “That feels so good in my arse,” she said, “I never knew it’d feel like that.”

I laid her down, smeared more oil on my hands and began to massage her. I spent a lot of time on her tits, rubbing them and the nipples until they stood proud. I worked further down her body, avoiding her pussy, working on her thighs and legs and feet. Every now and again, her toes would curl.

I moved up her legs and decided now it was time to start working on her pussy. I worked her outer lips, gently moving them back and forth and up and down until she was biting her lips and moaning. Then I parted them, touching the inner lips and her clit. There was a lot of juice there, it was literally trickling down her arse.

As I rubbed her, slowly wanking her off, the sounds she was making were just amazing to listen to. I reached down and moved the plug slightly, trying to keep up a rhythm.

My cock was rock hard now, but I tried to forget about it, wanting to finish Kate off and see what happened next. I started to play more seriously with her clit, licking it and sucking it and the harder I pressed, the more rapid her breathing got. Within minutes, I felt her tense and her legs began to twitch.

With her clit between my lips, my tongue flicking at the tip and my hands wrapped under her touching the plug, she tensed completely and came with a wonderful full body shaking. I stopped licking her, knowing how sensitive she got and resumed some light massage on her belly until her breathing returned to normal.

She opened her eyes and smiled lazily at me. “How about if I roll over again?”

I kissed her deeply, pulled off my shirt and slid my trousers and boxers down. She grabbed my cock, wanking it lightly. “That’d be great,” I said.

I helped her roll onto her front and she pushed her arse up while I slid a pillow under her belly. I checked her arse. More oil had dribbled around the plug and I began to move it around, then slowly and carefully began to remove it from her arsehole.

Her arse began to close so I slid a finger gently inside. It felt wonderful. My cock was raging by then, so I slid a condom on, slicked some of the oil over it and positioned myself on the bed.

“I’ll be gentle,” I said.

“Fuck me, Pete….”

I propped myself up, hands on either side of her and slid my cock up and down between her cheeks. I leaned back, knelt up and looked down. The head of my cock touched her arsehole, making it pulse slightly. I leaned forward, taking my weight on my arms and pressed my cock against her sphincter. I leaned further, nibbling her shoulder and put my mouth beside her ear.

“This looks great, my cock is sliding into your arse.”

“Does it look good?”

“Fucking brilliant.”

I pushed and she gasped as her arse relented and I slid in until my balls were against her wet pussy. It was so tight, it was fucking incredibly and I felt so horny I wasn’t quite sure how long I’d last. I began to move, slowly thrusting into her and moved so that I could play with her clit at the same time.

I wish I could say that I lasted for hours but it wouldn’t be true. I flicked her clit like I was an Olympian and as soon as she’d cum again, her arse pinching my cock, I came too. I kept pumping inside her, not wanting this to end and then dipped my head forward, to kiss between her shoulder blades.

“Was that what you expected?” I asked, once I’d got my breath back. “Because it was better than I thought it was going to be, much better.”

“Oh yes,” she said, “we’re going to do that again!”

Friday, 28 August 2015

Billie poses

I have a mate called Dave (as do a lot of other people apparently), who's a good bloke and a bit of a live-wire - life's never dull when he's around.  We've shared some adventures over the years, he & I and I have some pictorial evidence to prove some of them!

Anyway, he rang me the other day, said he'd got a new girlfriend and that she wanted some pictures taking – I couldn’t see him, obviously, but the “wink wink nudge nudge” was clear in his voice. I was due to go round for a drink anyway, so I took my camera. His new girlfriend Billie was a delight, younger than us but very pretty, very funny and very open-minded. She told me she wanted the pics for combination – decent ones of her whilst she looked great, some stuff for Dave and for anything else she could think of (I think we might see her in the FHM High Street Honey next year!).

Dave is well aware of this blog and he told Billie all about it, she loved the idea of appearing and so here are some of the shots.  They're both up for feedback (the dirtier the better, apparently) so if you have anything you want to say, email me at and I'll pass your comments along.

So here we are, for Dave and Billie - and you lot, too - here's some nice pictures:

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Holiday fun!

We've been there before but I maintain that Barcelona is a beautiful city, with a fantastic beach, architecture and girls take your breath away and the food is grand and bountiful.  Then there’s the Port Olympic.  It’s lovely down there during the day, fish restaurants serving that day’s catch, some nice bars, the beach, the art and shopping.

By night, however, it becomes something completely different.  Families go home, little dance bars open up - with hostesses outside trying to drag you in to watch girls dancing on podiums - men attempt to pull you into mini-buses so that you can be taken to strip clubs and blokes trying to hawk you flowers and shit.  In other words, it’s gloriously sleazy and for a quick snapshot of time, it’s almost delirious to experience it.  I don’t know that I could endure it very often, but for the night we were there I bloody loved it and so did Christina.

We’d already eaten - the octopus was superb - and as we walked back towards the car, Christina was drawing a lot of attention.  As well she might.  She was wearing a blue dress, showing some cleavage and her make-up was just enough to highlight what was already beautiful about her.  Her thick black hair almost glowed in the lights, she was fucking incredible.

A blonde girl caught her, medium height with a slim, toned body, terrific firm tits and a pretty face.  She was very tactile, holding Christina’s hand and leading her into the club.  I followed her.  Inside it was like another world, with pounding music and bored looking girls dancing on podiums and men not knowing where to look next.

The hostess left us (after a comment said into Christina’s ear and, as I write this, I still don’t know what it was), I got a couple of bottles of Bud but Christina decided she wanted to dance.  I watched her, nursing my bottle and she seemed to be enjoying herself and the attention she was getting.  The place appeared to be full of women in their late teens up to their late thirties/early forties, whilst a lot of the blokes seemed to be dirty old men trying to ensnare them. While some of the girls were undeniably attractive, too many of them were overly made up or dressed in ways that did not accentuate their natural gifts and compared to Christina they fell far short.  A couple approached me, asking if I wanted to join them or buy them a drink, but I turned them all down.

Christina came over, her skin glowing.  Her legs were already lightly tanned and in the artificial light they looked great.  I could see toe cleavage in her heels.  She was fucking gorgeous and I wanted her, more than ever.

She shifted her pose, jutting out a hip, accentuating the swell of her tits.  “Hey, Pete,” she said, “do you want to buy me a drink?”

“I already did.”

Her eyes sparked and she smiled.  “Wow mister, anybody’d think you were trying to pick me up.”

She smiled demurely as she sat next to me, seemingly all innocent.  I heard a noise and saw her shoe drop to the floor just before I felt her foot rubbing up the inside of my calf. We chatted for a while, about nothing really, seemingly as if we wanted to create the pretence, for anyone watching, that we’d just met.  All the while, I tried to ignore the way she would touch me, perhaps just resting a hand on my arm or pressing her thigh against mine. Just enough contact to tease me, and after a while I was in a right state.

Suddenly she jumped to her feet and grabbed my hand.

“Let’s dance!”

“No way, I don’t dance!”

She looked at me, gazing into my eyes and poking out her lower lip slightly. “Not even for me?” she asked imploringly, “even if I say please?”

Christina started to sway in time with the music, moving her body and running her hands over her belly, hips and - briefly - her tits.  How could I resist that?  I allowed her to lead me to the dance floor and we started to dance, me like an idiot with no co-ordination, Christina like the music ran through her.  As we danced she moved closer and began to rub herself against me. The feel of her was so intense that I couldn’t help but try to pull her close, though every time I did she pulled away, flashing me a wicked grin. Eventually she allowed me to take her in my arms and as she rubbed herself against me to the music, I kissed her, gently at first but then with more and more desire, not caring how much of a spectacle I was making of us.

Christina pulled away, pressing her finger to my lips to stifle my protests and she led me by the hand through the crowd to the back of the club.  Literally dragging me, she pulled me into the ladies toilets and, ignoring the protests of those already inside, pushed me into a cubicle, locking the door behind us.

We kissed, hard and I ran my hands over her body, wanting to feel every inch of her.  I sucked her tongue and lips, kissed her neck and ear-lobe and ran my hand over her tits.  She moaned and I grabbed her arms, holding them above her head so she was mine to do with as I pleased. I kissed her again, hungrily, on the lips, then on the neck, then across her clavicles.  She arched her hips and I pressed my cock against her belly.  I turned her around so that she was facing the door and leaned against her, kissing her neck.  I let go of her arms and cupped her tits, my hard cock nestling between her arse cheeks.

She turned around and, planting her hands on my chest, pushed me backwards.  It took me by surprise and I sat down heavily on the toilet.  Before I could think about moving, she undid my belt and trousers and pulled them down to my ankles.

Without a pause, she dropped to her knees, wrapped her right hand around my hard cock and started stroking it.  With her left hand, she massaged my balls for a few moments, all the while looking up at me through her eyelashes.  I leaned forward slightly, to rub her tits through her dress.

Christina took my cock into her warm mouth, stroking my balls.  She concentrated her lips and ever moving tongue on my cock head, her spare hand wanking me off.  The pleasure was both intense and incredible and the sensations, of hearing the music and the women outside, was pushing me too far.  I tapped her shoulder and she looked up at me with big ears, her lips wrapped around my cock.  That was almost too much.

“Let me do you,” I said.

She frowned and let my cock go with a loud pop.

“I’m too close,” I said, “I don’t want to cum yet.”

She smiled and stood up.  “Ah, I guess it’s my turn then, eh?”

I pushed her against the toilet door, kissing her hard.  Then, in a quick movement, I squatted in front of her, her groin level with my mouth.

I began by kissing her calf, moving slowly upwards to the back of her knee.  Her skin tasted of body wash with only the slightest hint of sweat, the refreshing, fresh kind that most people get in a nightclub.  I licked, nibbled and kissed her.  I moved up further, kissing the backs of her thighs, my hands moving ahead and playing over her belly and running between her legs, though never touching her pussy.  Within moments, she was groaning and moving her body against mine.

I leaned back and pulled her dress up.  She was wearing white knickers and I was staring at the winking eye of her arsehole and, barely visible through her legs, the cameltoe of her pussy.

I slid her knickers down, biting her arse cheeks until she swatted me away, then squatted down a bit further so that I could put my head between her legs.  Her pussy was beautiful, covered in a light fuzz and her lips were wet and slightly puffy.  I smiled and flicked at them with my tongue.  I heard the door bang against the jamb as her body jumped.

“Fucking hell,” she hissed.

I pushed my tongue into her pussy as far as I could and slid my right hand between her legs and up, pressing my thumb against her clit.  That made her jump even more and I kept working with my tongue, licking and fucking her.  She was getting excited and I could feel her juices on my chin and she braced herself against the door, pushing back on my face as I tongue-fucked her.  I went for her clit again, with finger and thumb and she almost collapsed against the door.

I stood up and turned her around, kissing her and pushing my tongue deeply in her mouth and she walked me backwards until I sat down on the toilet.  She wasted no time in straddling me and grabbed my cock, rubbing it against her pussy lips as if wanking us both off.  Then, slowly, she slid my cock into her, impaling herself until I was completely inside her and she was sitting on my lap.  She moved, upwards, until only my cockhead was inside her, before sliding down again.  I wanted to kiss her, but she was holding onto my neck and looking down at the show, as if watching it was making her more turned on than ever.

She slow fucked me for a while, eventually looking at me and smiling, in a slightly dazed way, before kissing me.  The feeling was incredible.  She began to move up and down a little faster as I reached up and cupped her breasts.  We kissed, I worked on her neck - making her groan - and cupped her buttocks.

Christina moaned, her movements getting faster and faster until she was slamming herself on my cock, trying to get every last inch inside her. The delicious friction of her tight pussy wrapped around me was taking me to the edge and as her moans grew louder I could feel her muscles tightening, gripping my cock as she rode me. Suddenly she screamed, kissing me ferociously, thrusting her tongue into my mouth. As she came her pussy clenched around me, milking me, and I could no longer hold back. I grabbed her hips and pulled her down hard, burying myself fully, slamming into her again and again. Losing control, I came as well, moaning her name as I felt myself explode.

As her climax finished Christina collapsed against me and I held her in my arms enjoying the feel of her against me. She breathed deeply and contently as we kissed softly.

“Wow,” she said.

“Yeah, that was fucking unbelievable.”

“A great fuck for a sleazy bog,” she said and giggled.  As she did so, her pussy muscles squeezed the last of the cum out of my cock.

We sat still, holding one another and kissing, until someone banged on the door and said something in Spanish.  Christina smiled and eased herself off me, cupping a hand against her pussy lips as my cum oozed out.  She wiped it with some toilet paper.

“You’re fucking gorgeous,” I said.

“Let’s get out there, dance some more and drink some more and see what comes up, eh?”

“I like your style,” I said, standing up and pulling my boxers up.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Have you got some reading for your holiday?

It didn't occur to me, since this year has whipped by so fast, that it's almost time for Christina & I to head off to sunnier climes.  I hope the same applies to readers of this blog and if you're lucky enough to be going abroad and near a beach, it means you get to see plenty of lovely tits browning in the sun!

The following pictures are ones I've taken over the years - topless ladies reading, what could be better?  It'd be nice to think that some of them were reading my stuff (available at Amazon and Smashwords - not so subtle a hint there, eh?) but that's probably not the case!

Enjoy the ladies, enjoy the gently browning tits and pick up some reading matter!

Link to my page at Smashwords (some free to download, some for a small fee)