Thursday, 20 November 2014

Readers wives - Tits!

Thankfully, that last readers wives post prompted a few more people to send in pictures.  As I always say, I don't get nearly enough smut sent to me via email but if you're interested, if you're a lady reader or your wife/girlfriend is up for it, why not send me the pictures at

To whet your appetite, here's a selection I've called "TITS!", for obvious reasons...


 Rachel's "glorious" tits, as sent in by her boyfriend Rhys.  They look mighty fine to me!

 "This is my soon-to-be wife," writes Alan, "they second time round for both of us.  She looks great."  All I can add is that I totally agree, good luck to the pair of you.

 "My girlfriend Sally, doing her exercises or so she says," writes Olivia.  Great body, great pic, thanks ladies.

 "I love motorboating," writes Tom of his wife Marianne.  Looking at those glorious tits, I can well understand why and I love her cheeky smile too!

 "My wife Elizabeth, fresh from the shower," writes Jim.  Great picture, thanks mate!

 "This is my wife Jane, who's on the phone to her friend but apparently intent on teasing me at the same time," writes Pete.  Yes, that's certainly a teasing pose and a very nice one too!

 A selfie, from Kim.  Lovely belly, lovely tits, lovely photo, thanks for sending it in!

 "Do you want to cum on these?" asks Lorna, via her boyfriend Wilf.  He does, apparently and I wouldn't mind either, thanks for the pic!

 "This is Magda, my wife.  I think she's gorgeous."  Well, Tim, I'd agree with you there and I like that you've also got her feet in too, plus that wonderful fingering movement.  Thanks!

"I think my tits are my best asset," writes Maura, "what do you reckon?"
I reckon they're pretty fucking fantastic, thanks for sending the picture in!

Friday, 14 November 2014

More from Charlie, the fabulous MILF!

Back in October, I posted this set of Charlie, a MILF of my acquaintance.

As I said at the time, I've known her for years and have been trying to photograph her for most of that time and judging by the response, you seem to agree that she's got a great body.  I passed your comments on to her and she was so impressed (and touched, she said, with a wicked grin) that she's posed for another set.

It's brilliant, she's brilliant and I maintain that I'd gladly shag her if the opportunity arose.

So next time you see me ask for comments, bear in mind that this can happen.  If there's anything you want to say to Charlie about this set, zap me an email at and I'll pass on your messages to her.

Sunday, 9 November 2014


I've known Anneka for about ten years now, we met on a photography course way back in 2003 (it doesn't sound all that long ago really, does it?) but she didn't enjoy it all that much and migrated in front of the lense rather than behind it.

We've kept in-touch over the years but in early August, I found out she was in the process of getting a divorce. Newly single, she's full of life and enjoying herself to the limit and she asked me to take some shots of her (she didn't know about this blog then, but does now and has given me permission to post the pics). She wants, she says, "to feel sexy and have other people look at me, wrinkly bits and all!"

I think she does look sexy, I think this is a pretty damned good set and I was impressed with the pictures. So was she and, by coincidence, she's now dating a bloke about five years younger than her and one of these pictures is hanging in her bathroom. I'll leave it up to you to guess which one!


Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Jane, a friends wife

One of my colleagues is really keen on photography and, when he found out I was part of a group, he came along to a couple of meetings.  The thing was, something wasn't quite right - technically he was good but he didn't really enjoy the shooting process with a model and his pictures lacked a certain spark.  In the end, he gave it up as a valiant try but kept in touch with what I was doing through the blog.

His wife, Jane, is in her mid-forties and really wanted him to take some pictures of her before - as she put it - everything goes south.  He tried to do a couple of shoots but nothing seemed to work and so he asked me.

I knew Jane, vaguely, so this had the potential to be a bit uncomfortable but she was great fun.  We met up, talked about what she wanted (she'd checked my blog out and wanted to leave her "pants off" decision until the last minute, if she felt comfortable - to which I readily agreed) and decided to shoot it in their downstairs loo "for a lark".

Great fun, great people, hope you enjoy the set!

"You know what?" Jane said at this point, "I shaved last night and I'm enjoying this, so fuck it, the knickers are coming off!"

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

More MILFs and Readers Wives - excellent!

Another mini-collection, not exactly hot on the heels of the last one which was back in July (here's the post), but it's better than nothing.  As I said before, sometimes (never enough for my liking), readers of the blog send me emails with pictures of their wives and girlfriends in various states of undress and/or sexual arousal.  Sometimes I get selfie's from ladies too.  Whatever it is, I love getting them and will quite gladly post them up here.

I hope you enjoy this bunch and don't forget, if you have any pictures you'd like to share, you can email me at

This is Karen and that's all I know - it could be a selfie, it could be a shot by a partner.  What I do know, however, is that that's a nice pair of tits, a great belly and I love underarm shots!

Cheryl models 'barely-covers-her-arsehole' pants for husband Ron.  Nice. 

One of my all-time favourite pictures, just look at that cleavage!  It belongs to a fine lady called Theresa and the knob belongs to her partner Jim. Thanks, folks!

This is Amy, as sent in by her boyfriend Brett. Great tits and a very nice belly too.

This was sent in by Serena - "What do you think of my tits?" she asks.  Well, I think they're fucking gorgeous

Tom writes - "My wife's arse, what do you reckon?"  Very nice, mate.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Charlie, a MILF of my acquaintance

This is Charlie, a MILF of my acquaintance.

I've known her for years and have been trying to photograph her for most of that time - she's got a great body, she's open-minded and I'd gladly shag her if the opportunity arose. That didn't happen this time but, as she's just about to pass the milestone of 50, she did decide to let me shoot her.

And wow, fuck me, she was brilliant. As you can see below. Thanks, Charlie, you're lovely and I appreciate you letting me post these pics here.

And if you, blog reader, like what you see - get in touch at and I'll pass on your messages to Charlie.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Readers wives wanking (and a story)

A couple of weeks back, I got this email (and if you're ever tempted to send me anything for the blog, please do so at from a reader called Gwen.

Hi Peter

I hope you don't mind me writing to you but I was reading one of your Christina blogs and it got me so hot I had to do something about it.  This is the result.  Sorry it's not a better picture but as you can imagine, getting a good photo wasn't the main thing on my mind...

Love Gwen (keep writing those stories, they make me hot!)

Thanks Gwen, I'm really pleased my tale had this effect - it looks like you were having a great time!

Her email, as great as it was, made me wonder what she might have been thinking about if she hadn't read my blog (and whether I should write about it or not).  That, in turn, led me to think of those readers/wives pictures I'd received of ladies doing themselves.

So here's my tale, accompanied by readers/wives jilling off and a lovely image of Rachel...

Rachel, enjoying herself earlier this year

She is lying naked on the bed, waiting and ready.  She runs her left hand down over the curve of her bum, reaching further to gently stroke her inner thigh and the smooth lips of her pussy.  The touch shoots a flutter of excitement through her belly and makes her pussy slicken.
She closes her eyes, thinking of her boyfriends fingers as they touch her pussy, imagines that its his fingers that are gently pushing into the hot wet between her legs rather than her own.
With two fingers, she draws back her pussy lips so that her clit is exposed and the finger she brushes over it is already damp with her juice.  She imagines him kissing up her legs, nibbling at her inner thighs.  She can almost feel his warm breath on her pussy as he kisses the intimate folds.  She brushes her free hand over her breasts, her nipples hard and stiff and she moans, rolling her nipples between her fingers.
Her finger works at her clit and she thinks of his tongue, how he’d tease the bud with soft quick flicks, before licking the full length of her cunt from top to bottom.  That, combined with her fingering, makes her moan and she tips her hips back.  She pinches her nipple in time with her clit flicks, sending another wave of pleasure exploding through her belly.  He would be on her now, his mouth over her pussy, driving his tongue deep.  She slips a finger into herself, imitating him but it’s not enough and she puts another one in.  They are quickly slick with juice.
She wants more now, the desire to cum so bad that she almost feels dizzy and her pussy throbs with anticipation.  She wants to be exposed, even though she’s in the house on her own and she brings her legs up, her knees pressing into her breasts, her pussy gaping with the position.  Reaching around her legs, to make the exposure seem all that much more extreme, she taps her clit with her left hand and begins to masturbate with her right.  She pushes two fingers into her pussy, breathing deeply, feeling hot and horny.  She pushes in a third finger, stretching her cunt but it doesn’t hurt, it makes her feel more lascivious and it’s a feeling she loves, a feeling she revels in.
She pushes with her fingers, thrusts with her hips, fucking her hand.  She moans, the sound deep in her chest and moves her legs, the skin brushing her nipples and adding to her excitement.  As she grinds her hips she hears her moans get louder.  She moving in rhythm now, everything dedicated to her pleasure, her fingers exploring her pussy, her hand tapping her cunt, her nipples brushing her legs.
She cums in a rush, hot spasms running down her body from head to toe, making her shudder and shake in her ecstasy.   Everything stops, even her breathing and revels in the sensation.  She takes a deep breath, moans and quickly strokes her clit again to keep the spasms running, her cunt contracting over her fingers.
The spasms lessen and she lightly strokes her clit, breathing hard.  She puts her legs down almost reluctantly, listening to her heartbeat pound throughout her body and runs a hand over her breasts, getting the last bit of play from her nipples.
She waits for the throbbing of her body to subside and closes her eyes, at peace in her bliss.
(and bring on the readers wives!)
 Caitlin sent in this selfie of her making full use of the utility room!  Thanks Caitlin, great pic!

A great angle of Kathleen and her wonderfully luscious looking pussy and arse, taken by her husband Howard.  Thanks guys.

 Sharon fingers herself and writes "I like to jill myself off whilst teasing my butt at the same time".  It looks great, thanks for Sharon and her partner Ellen for this great pic.

 Alex sent in this selfie, as she wanks herself and plays with her arse.  Thanks Alex, great photo!

What a great pic!  This is Sheila, sent in by her and her husband Don.  I love everything about this!