Monday, 20 February 2017

A Valentine treat from Christina

I received this email on Valentine's morning from my lovely Christina...

"Hey Pete!

I can't wait for tonight and in order to try and speed up the day - and work you up - here's a picture of my from this morning, warming myself up for you...

See you soon..."

She's such a tease!

Monday, 13 February 2017

Fun with feet

As you may have guessed by now, I have a thing for ladies feet. Here are two pictures which, I hope, will go towards explaining a fetish that I can't help but enjoy!

A grubby and sordid (ie, fucking excellent!) one-night-stand a few years back. Her name was Cathy. We only spoke once after this, when she patiently explained to me on the phone that it was a one-night-stand. Ah well, you live and learn!

This is my friend P. I have some stories to tell of her, but for the moment, I'll just say that she has lovely feet and - in all honesty - with a pose like this, I wouldn't know what to lick and suck first!

Monday, 6 February 2017

Nina, a model

Had another excellent session with at the Northants Photography Group last week.  Nina was the model booked and she was stunning, plus she was very friendly, had a great sense of humour and took everything in her stride.

I managed to get some excellent shots and spoke to her about this blog and she loved the idea of featuring on it, though obviously I won't reveal her identity here. However, if you're interested in booking her, I'll pass on any emails (you can contact me on


Monday, 30 January 2017

Tube fun...

Back in 2002, I was working for a well-known auditing company.  Due to a big job I was involved in, I was transferred - for a few months - from the Leicester branch to the London headquarters.  I had a great time - hotel room, expenses, life in the big city - and I got to leave early on Fridays so I could be home for the weekend with my wife.  The one drawback was the tube.  If you go into London as a tourist, the tube is fine, a means to an end and you choose when you go on it.  If you’re a commuter, more often than not you’re on it with hundreds of other people, tried, ratty, sweaty and irritable and it’s not always the best of times.

On this particular day, my mood wasn’t brilliant.  I’d been involved in a conference call that hadn’t gone well at all, tempers had quickly frayed, accusations were levelled and everybody got pissed off.  We resolved most of it but I was still annoyed that we’d wasted hours working on something that was pointless.  As a consequence, by the time I got into the bowels of the tube station, I wasn’t feeling my best.  The train came, it was almost full.  I squeezed in and we went down the line a station and more people squeezed in.  Before long, it was little a cattle truck and however stuffy it was there, I kept going back to the conference call.

My annoyance stopped me from focussing on the tube train, which disgorged passengers before taking more on.  Somebody trod on my foot and I glared at them but they were wrapped up in whatever music was playing on their Walkman to pay attention.

Then I noticed a lovely perfume, a pleasant floral scent.  I looked around, trying to figure out who it was and realised - for the first time - that the person standing in front of me was a woman.  Well, I say standing in front of me, due to the crush of bodies she was pressed up against me.

She was about five and half feet tall and slim, with shoulder length dirty blonde blonde.  I couldn’t see much skin but what I could was pale and creamy.  Not that it mattered, I was just pleased to have someone who smelled nice pressed against me.  Was it the scent of her shampoo, I wondered or perhaps her body spray.  It didn’t matter, I was happy.

The train set off again and the motion and the smell of the woman lulled my mind away from being stuck in a cramped, hot carriage.  I was bowled over by her smell, my mind drifting to thoughts of how it’d feel to run my fingers through her hair, to gather it into a ponytail and pull it back.  Would she arch her back?  How would that look?  Would it look like I was taking her from behind, pounding at her pale, creamy skin, holding her sweetly scented hair?

Suddenly I realised that my little fantasy was having an effect and my cock was getting hard.  Oh no, oh shit, this I did not need.  If she felt it, which she surely must in a few moments, she was likely to swing for me - as best she could in the crush - or at least shout about it.  Bollocks.

But it was too late and whether the fear helped or not, my cock was already hard enough that I could feel it pressing against my underwear.  There was no hiding it now and the bumping, swaying and jolting of the carriage wasn’t helping any either.  With each movement, my cock was rubbed against or pressed into her arse and as much as I closed my eyes and thought of horrible things, the motion kept my erection at full mast.

That’s when I felt it, even though I couldn’t believe it was happening.  But it was, it had to be.  The woman was no longer just moving with the motion of the carriage.  I could feel the pressure of her pushing her arse back into my crotch, my cock slotting nicely in.  My heart, so panicked before, kept up its rhythm and my breathing got heavier.

Her buttocks formed a perfect mould around my raging hard-on and she briefly pressed back hard, almost pushing me back.  Then she stopped swaying and began a more rhythmic up and down motion. It wasn't noticeable to anyone around us, but that few inches of vertical motion along with her increased pressure against my crotch was more than enough friction to stroke me through my pants. I could see her shoulders moving as her breathing picked up.

I knew I should stop this, knew I should tap her on the shoulder and explain but I couldn’t do it - she was doing what she wanted and who was I to stop her?

The train came to a halt and I’d been so caught up that I hadn’t thought to grab onto something.  My momentum pushed my cock hard into the groove of her arse and the rest of my body against her back and she put her hand up to the bars, gripping it tightly to keep herself in place.  I had no choice but to grab her, putting my hands around the tops of her hips to help keep my balance and stop from stumbling forward.

Now, I was sure, all hell would break loose but it didn’t.  The carriage stopped, a few people got out, a few more got on.  The lack of motion didn’t stop my new-found friend and as I remained with my cock firmly slotted between her buttocks, she started to flex them.  I’m not sure how she managed it but she flexed and moved her arse against me without the rest of her body apparently moving.  The delicious onslaught against my cock continued and I gripped tighter to her hips, pulling her onto me and maintaining the pressure.  The train started again and I began to knead her hips, moving against her gently.  She pushed back on me, her arse moving up and down slightly.

I wanted to turn her around, I wanted to grab her arse, run my hands over her belly, up and down, but I knew that wasn’t what this was.  I knew this was all about the moment and nothing more.

The train slowed down for the next stop.  She kept moving against her bum against me, up and down, pressing back and I could feel the pressure growing in my balls.  I didn’t want to cum here, certainly not in my pants but I gripped her hips, hoping that she was getting something out of this too.

As the car slowed, the lack of motion didn’t stop her and I kneaded her hips harder.  I leaned forward, let out a groan and she leaned her head back slightly, releasing more of her wonderful scent.  I heard her moan softly and then the train came to a stop.

“I have to go,” she said and wiggled her arse against me one more time.  I waited for her to step forward, looked down at the dent in her skirt where my bulge had pressed so hard into her arse.  I quickly covered my hard-on with my briefcase.  She stepped forward, straighetened her skirt and shook out her hair, then got off the train.

As she stepped onto the platform she turned and I saw her properly for the first time and realised that I knew her.  Not to speak to, but to nod at in the corridors of the giant office building I was currently working in.  I couldn’t remember what company she worked for but we had crossed paths in the corridors.

She nodded and smiled at me, a flush on her cheeks and held her hands in the shape of a phone.  I shrugged and she smiled, so I smiled back.

Tomorrow, I would find out what company she worked for and give her the ring she wanted me to.  For now, I just wanted to get back to my hotel room to wank myself senseless.

Monday, 23 January 2017

A holiday romance (back in the day)

It was 1990, she was from Germany, we met on a holiday to Corfu. We went with friends, met on our first night and enjoyed a 'whirlwind' romance. After a few letters and one Christmas card, I never heard from her again.

Oh well, such is life.

Monday, 16 January 2017

A reader, enjoying herself...

Seems like she's reading something that's pushing all the right buttons!

If you'd like to get some equal enjoyment, could I remind you that those lovely folks at Puppet Press have taken three of my short stories and put them together in a wonderful, slim little paperback (with cover art by me).

I'm thrilled with it and I hope that if you take a chance on it, you'll enjoy them too!

If you're interested - and no worries if you're not - the book can be purchased from at

Monday, 9 January 2017

Tania (a photo-shoot)

I was booked to do a lingerie shoot (another invitation courtesy of my links with the Photography Group) and Tania was one of the models (we were at a very plush hotel in the heart of Northampton, which is always nice!).  She was a lovely girl and we got talking and she mentioned about building up a portfolio.  A little after this, I went to the loo and saw how great the toilets were, suggested it as a location to her and hey presto, we were on!

Thanks to Tania, for the great shoot and also for allowing me to post the pictures up here!

Monday, 2 January 2017

A bang to the New Year!

For New Years, we went to a party at Christina’s friend Angela’s house.  You might remember her as the host of the party where I muff-dived Christina outside, which turned back of us on no end!  So it was with some measure of excitement that I went.

The party was great, we had a good time and a little drunk and by the time the cab dropped us off after 3 in the morning, we were randy and tipsy and ready to see 2014 in ‘in style’!

I led Christina into the bedroom and she fell onto the bed, on her back and gave me a seductive, come-hither look.

I was only too happy to oblige. I got on the bed on all fours, over her and grabbed the edge of her top, quickly pulling it over her head. She was wearing plain white lingerie – t-shirt bra and high cut knickers, but I left them until later, kissing her again. Slowly, I moved up to her neck, then along her collarbone and down.  I kissed the warm, soft skin of her tits then pulled her bra up, her nipples immediately hard. I licked and sucked each one, making her groan and she put her hand on the back of my head, keeping it there.

After a few moments, I shifted my mouth from one nipple to the other and as I swirled my tongue on her, she was almost purring. I moved further back, kissing down to her stomach and dipping my tongue into her belly button, which made her squirm. I reached her knickers and slid them over her thighs.  She lifted her legs for me and I brushed my lips against her toes as she put her feet above my head.  I pulled her knickers off and tossed them behind me.

Her pussy was exposed and glistening and I could smell her, which aroused me even more.  We locked eyes and I smiled at her, putting my hands on her knees and pushing her legs apart.  I bent forward and blew softly on her pussy, making her shiver, then put my mouth over it and sucked.  She let out a stuttering moan, arching her back as if trying to push herself deeper into me. I sucked on her clitoris and swirled my tongue over it, grazing it ever so slightly with my teeth before moving back down to her slit. I pushed my tongue in as far as it would go, savouring her taste and swallowing it down and she was almost panting now. I moved my tongue faster, concentrating on her clit, harder and harder until she began to breathe more heavily.

Seeing and hearing her so close to completion only made me increase my activity. I worked her pussy with everything I could think of to make her feel good and when she moved her legs, draping them over my shoulders, I could feel her calves quivering. I kept going, faster and faster until she came with a loud, sharp gasp and her whole body seemed to tighten, the muscles in her legs bunching up and squeezing my head lightly.

She was spent and breathing heavily, so I let her legs slide off my shoulders and laid next to her. I was about to ask if she was okay, when she threw her arms around me and began smothering me with kisses. She kissed me ferociously, passionately, rolling on top of me. She finally broke the kisses with “I want you in me now, Pete..” Her eyes were alight, her voice husky.

”Whatever you say,” I said, between kisses.

Her hands were suddenly undoing my belt and then she pulled my zip down.  I pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it away.  Christina pushed my trousers down in one swift movement and I helped her.  She left my boxers on and straddled my knees, reaching for my cock. I was as hard as rock, aching for her touch and I moaned when she stroked me through the fabric. She pulled the waistband of the boxers up gently until my cock popped free, they were were off and I was as naked as she was.

She wrapped her fingers around my cock and began to pump it slowly, running her hands up and down. I groaned, putty in her hands. She kissed the tip of my cock then opened her mouth and licked the underside. Just as she was about to take me in her mouth, I held her arm.

“I’m so fucking horny,” I said, “I don’t want to cum in your mouth. Let me fuck you.”

“But I want to give you a blowjob.”

“I know,” I said and reached down, to massage her clit. She closed her eyes, lost to everything and moved herself until she was straddling my hips. I held my cock up and it brushed against her pussy lips, making us both gasp.

She eased herself down, slowly and gently, until she was resting on my hips, my cock completely swallowed up by her pussy.

"Oh God, that feels so good,” she whispered.

She began to rock her hips up and down, building up speed, until she was literally bouncing on my cock. She was gasping and groaning with every thrust I made, consumed with pleasure. I gripped her hips and we worked out a wonderful, pleasurable, powerful rhythm, with me pounding into her. Her tits jumped as she moved and I grabbed at them, pulling on her nipples as we picked up the pace.

She bent at the waist, still working her hips, to kiss me on the lips. The sound of her groin hitting mine was wonderful and I ran my hands up and down her back, still thrusting hard into her.

She was panting now. "Oh, I’m going to cum.”

“Do it, cum for me.”

She sat up and I kept my left hand on her tit, playing with her nipple and slid the thumb of my right hand between, the add extra friction to her clit.  She threw her head back, crying out with pleasure. A red blush spread across her chest and her pussy walls gripped my cock tightly but I kept thrusting hard. 

A few moments later she reached back to caress my balls and that was it, with a shout I came in her, emptying my balls into her flexing pussy.  She rode me until I was done and then laid on me, kissing my lips and cheek, still breathing heavily.

“Wow,” she said, “that was a fuck.”

“Yeah, happy new year.”

She giggled and rolled off me, my cock sliding out of her pussy with a wet sound.  She laid next to me, an arm draped over my chest, her nipples still hard as they pressed into my side.

“Yes,” she said, “happy new year Pete.”

Friday, 30 December 2016

Happy New Year!

I just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who's popped along to this blog over the past year and more, who's commented or bought my writing or sent me pictures of their lady fiends - thank you and 'Happy New Year'!

Christina & I will be out tonight, I expect drinking, dancing and debauchery!  I hope that whatever you're doing, you have a great time and I look forward to posting more adventures in 2017!

Monday, 19 December 2016

A sexy Christmas Do!

As per usual, my firm didn't do anything for Christmas this year - not that I particularly wanted to go anywhere with my managers - so I went for a meal with my colleagues and we had a good time.  Christina's place, as they normally do, really pushed the boat out and we had a cracking time.

They took over a ballroom in a hotel near the centre of town, a subsidised bar, great food and a brilliant disco.  We had a great time, dancing harder than we had in Barcelona though there wasn't a chance to get away with anything much more than a fumble.

On the other hand, there was some cracking totty there (other companies had rented out other rooms) and I managed to photograph a few of them, just for you dear reader.

I hope you and yours have a lovely and safe Christmas!


 I have no idea who these people are but the lady on the left is showing a nice bit of leg!

 Christina's boss and his partner, who had enormous tits.

 These two ladies apparently work in HR.  Friendly place...

 Mmmm, Christmas boobs from Christina!

 She definitely didn't work for the company but I wish I could have seen more of her!

One of the bar staff - very sexy!

It wouldn't be Christmas without a kiss under the mistletoe, would it?