Monday, 20 March 2017

Shirley, a model

Sometimes at the Photography club, we have a model turn up and she's so perfect at what she does, so professional and switched on, that it's hard to believe she isn't in newsstand magazines.

Shirley is one such lady.  A good looking woman, very comfortable with herself, nudity and other people and she knows exactly how to move to make her curves come alive.

Tonight was her first evening with us but I'm sure it won't be her last.  I was so taken with her that I've asked to publish these pictures here on the blog.  Since the blog also contains sexual stuff, I've agreed to hide her identity but if you're a photographer and would like to work with her, get in touch with me via and I'll pass the message along.


Monday, 13 March 2017

Nessa's back!

Excellent!  If you remember, Nessa sent me some pictures through a couple of weeks back (here's the original post) and promised to send more if I a) published them and b) liked what I saw.  Well I did like what I saw and so did some of the blog readers, who emailed me.

So, true to her word, Nessa has sent through some more pics.  However, in other news,  she was spotted on the blog by a fellow student and he asked her out and now she's not single any more.  Good for her, though I imagine this might be the last time we see her on the blog.

Thanks again, Nessa and I hope you and Sam have a lovely time together!

Monday, 6 March 2017

Tit-fuck in public, with Christina

The party had been a bore and Christina and I had been entertaining ourselves with stories of what we’d do to one another when we got home.  In fact, some of it was so dirty that I was finding myself getting more and more noticeably turned on.

“Hey, you’re liking this, aren’t you?”

“Of course, I’m a red blooded man and you’re a beautiful woman.”

She smiled and bit her lip and I knew, right then, I was in for a treat.

“Do you think?” she asked, “that if we kept talking like this you’d actually make it home?”

“Maybe not.”

“Hmmm,” she and frowned.  “Now when we get home, I’ll need you to fuck me senseless for a long, long time.  So what shall we do?”

“Show me your tits.”

“And how will that help?”

I smiled.  “It won’t, but it’ll be fun.”

“Naughty boy,” she said but took my hand and led me out into the garden.  Most of the revellers were on the lawn, but she took me around the side of house, towards the garage.  Pushing me back against the wall of the house, she gave me a quick kiss and then stepped away.

She took off her thin cardigan slowly.  Under it she was wearing a striped top and she pushed her arms together, pressing her tits into one another until it looked as though they were going to burst free.  I glanced away briefly, to make sure no-one was coming and then looked at her shamelessly, growing ever more excited by the dirty thoughts were gorgeous tits were giving me.

Christina leaned over, looking me in the eyes and reached down to grip my cock through my trousers.  She squeezed it and stepped towards me, her tits tantalisingly close.  I leaned forward, to breathe on her cleavage and she slowly rubbed my cock, making it grow even harder.

“Would you like to cum on my tits?” she whispered into my ear.

I didn’t answer, instead I dipped my head and kissed her breasts, running from tongue between them.

Christina raised her head and kissed me on the lips.  Our tongues squirmed against each other and she began to rub my cock.  I trailed my fingers down, tracing the shape of her tits through her t-shirt.  I pressed her nipples hard and made her groan.

She undid the button and zip of my trousers and pushed them roughly down my legs.  I kicked them off and my stiff cock tented my boxers.  Christina gripped it hard with her left hand as she threw her right arm around my shoulders, pulling me against her, kissing me passionately. I squeezed her left tit, feeling her nipple harden against my palm and her breast pushed hard against the fabric of her bra as she arched her back.

She moaned into my mouth, her hand stroking my cock and then she broke free of the kiss and pulled violently at the waistband of my boxers.

“I want to see your cock,” she said.  The tip of it sprang out from under the waistband and pinged against my belly.  “You really are excited, aren’t you?”

She wrapped her hands around it and wanked me, her eyes wide.  Her arms pushed her breasts together, and they overflowed from her bra as I moaned quietly.  I reached down, stroking her belly and into the waistband of her skirt.  I touched her pussy, making her gasp.  She was excited, the gusset already wet.  She moaned as I applied more pressure and she moved her hips, grinding against my fingers.

“You’re very excited too,” I said.

“I don’t know how you do it,” she said, “but I’m so fucking glad you do!”

There was a cough from the area of the lawn and we both looked over.  Someone walked towards us but we were obviously deep enough in shadow that they couldn’t see us.  They went into the house, leaving the door open and blocking us from view of the lawn.

“Nice,” she said and, holding my cock tightly, licked the underside of it from my balls to my glans, tickling me with the tip of her tongue.  I let out a deep and contented sigh and grabbed for her boobs as she slipped my cock into her mouth, stroking the shaft of it still.  I pushed my hand further under her skirts waistband, pressing my fingers against her pussy lifts.

She moaned and let my cock slip out of her mouth, lifting it by the tip so that she could lick the whole shaft up and down.  She flicked her tongue over the gin, looking through her eyelashes with a lusty expression, then left my cock go.  She ran it over her cleavage, leaving a trail of her spit.

“Ready?” she said and I thumbed her clit in response.  She shuddered at the touch and smiled.  “Are you ready?”

I leaned forward, pressing my cock into her cleavage and she pushed her arms together, squeezing her tits, the soft fabric of her bra and my cock into the middle.  The pressure was wonderful, her skin so soft against mine.  I began to move up and down, thrusting gently so that I could keep a hand in her knickers, fucking her tits.  She reached down and tickled the back of my balls and I edged forward wanting more.  I slipped my finger under the gusset of her knickers, feeling it sink into the soft warmth of her pussy.

She groaned.  “Oh I love this, I love being with you, I love that we can be really dirty.”

“This is fucking excellent.”

She dropped her head and dribbled spit into her cleavage, using my cock to spread it over her tits.

“I want you to fuck my tits until you cum,” she said, her voice low.

I can do that, I thought.  “You are so fucking horny, Christina.”  I slid another finger into her, enjoying the rapt look of delight on her face.

She pushed her tits together and when my coke poked out, she darted for it with her tongue.  With my left hand I rubbed her nipples as I thrust harder, her tits wobbling and my rhythm picked up.  She reached down and pulled her knickers to one side, allowing me easier access.  I rubbed my thumb across her clit.

“Keep going,” she gasped, “keep going.”

I didn’t know if she meant my tit-fucking or my thumb, so I rubbed her clit as fast as I possibly could.  It was the right response and she groaned, her eyes closed.  I fucked her tits and finger-fucked her pussy and she rubbed my balls and I tweaked her nipples.  It was too much and the view from where I stood, as Christina writhed beneath me and her cleavage became red from the friction, was almost too much.

She came suddenly, a brisk orgasm that made her bit her lip and her body vibrate and that was my cue to thrust harder between her tits.

“Are you going to cum soon?” she asked, pulling my fingers out of her pussy.

“Yes,” I gasped, going to work on her nipples, making her groan all over again.  I pounded my cock faster, her tits slapping at each thrust and soon felt the tingle in my balls.

“I’m coming,” I said and she instantly leaned back, gripping my cock hard and jerking it quickly, aiming it at her tits.

The first splat of spunk hit her cleavage, the second her right nipple.  She jerked me quicker and I had to lean on the wall for support.  Her hand wanked me mercilessly, getting as much of my cum as she could.

“Fuck, that’s a lot of cum.”

She kept pumping my cock, spunk landing on  her tits and bra and belly and she writhed under it, rubbing it into her skin.

“Oh God,” she said, “this is turning me on as well.”

I watched as she hiked her skirt up and slid her hand into her groin, her fingers disappearing into her knickers.  I could see them working, at least two inside her pussy, her thumb rubbing her clit.

“Oh yeah,” I said, “do it.”

“You like watching me finger myself, don’t you?”  She pushed her knickers aside and used her fingers to spread her pussy lips wide.  There was no need for lubrication, she was soaking down there.  She reached back and I watched her right hand appear from under her arse, two fingers from that hand slipping into her pussy whilst her left focussed on her clit.

She came hard, her fingers speeding up and then slowing as shudders racked her body, her tits jiggling as she made wordless sounds with her lips.  As her  orgasm receded, she leaned against my legs, looking up at me with dazed eyes.

“Wow,” I said, “that was fucking excellent.”

“Glad you enjoyed it, now take me home and fuck me somewhere that I’m kneeling on carpet and not concrete!”

I couldn’t get her home quick enough.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Ladies, playing with themselves (again)...

Ah, the simple joy of gifs.  Last year I posted some gifs of ladies having a wank (or jilling off, as I love to call it) and it was good fun, people liked it and it's always nice to see ladies pleasuring themselves!
So here's some more - enjoy!


Monday, 20 February 2017

A Valentine treat from Christina

I received this email on Valentine's morning from my lovely Christina...

"Hey Pete!

I can't wait for tonight and in order to try and speed up the day - and work you up - here's a picture of my from this morning, warming myself up for you...

See you soon..."

She's such a tease!

Monday, 13 February 2017

Fun with feet

As you may have guessed by now, I have a thing for ladies feet. Here are two pictures which, I hope, will go towards explaining a fetish that I can't help but enjoy!

A grubby and sordid (ie, fucking excellent!) one-night-stand a few years back. Her name was Cathy. We only spoke once after this, when she patiently explained to me on the phone that it was a one-night-stand. Ah well, you live and learn!

This is my friend P. I have some stories to tell of her, but for the moment, I'll just say that she has lovely feet and - in all honesty - with a pose like this, I wouldn't know what to lick and suck first!

Monday, 6 February 2017

Nina, a model

Had another excellent session with at the Northants Photography Group last week.  Nina was the model booked and she was stunning, plus she was very friendly, had a great sense of humour and took everything in her stride.

I managed to get some excellent shots and spoke to her about this blog and she loved the idea of featuring on it, though obviously I won't reveal her identity here. However, if you're interested in booking her, I'll pass on any emails (you can contact me on


Monday, 30 January 2017

Tube fun...

Back in 2002, I was working for a well-known auditing company.  Due to a big job I was involved in, I was transferred - for a few months - from the Leicester branch to the London headquarters.  I had a great time - hotel room, expenses, life in the big city - and I got to leave early on Fridays so I could be home for the weekend with my wife.  The one drawback was the tube.  If you go into London as a tourist, the tube is fine, a means to an end and you choose when you go on it.  If you’re a commuter, more often than not you’re on it with hundreds of other people, tried, ratty, sweaty and irritable and it’s not always the best of times.

On this particular day, my mood wasn’t brilliant.  I’d been involved in a conference call that hadn’t gone well at all, tempers had quickly frayed, accusations were levelled and everybody got pissed off.  We resolved most of it but I was still annoyed that we’d wasted hours working on something that was pointless.  As a consequence, by the time I got into the bowels of the tube station, I wasn’t feeling my best.  The train came, it was almost full.  I squeezed in and we went down the line a station and more people squeezed in.  Before long, it was little a cattle truck and however stuffy it was there, I kept going back to the conference call.

My annoyance stopped me from focussing on the tube train, which disgorged passengers before taking more on.  Somebody trod on my foot and I glared at them but they were wrapped up in whatever music was playing on their Walkman to pay attention.

Then I noticed a lovely perfume, a pleasant floral scent.  I looked around, trying to figure out who it was and realised - for the first time - that the person standing in front of me was a woman.  Well, I say standing in front of me, due to the crush of bodies she was pressed up against me.

She was about five and half feet tall and slim, with shoulder length dirty blonde blonde.  I couldn’t see much skin but what I could was pale and creamy.  Not that it mattered, I was just pleased to have someone who smelled nice pressed against me.  Was it the scent of her shampoo, I wondered or perhaps her body spray.  It didn’t matter, I was happy.

The train set off again and the motion and the smell of the woman lulled my mind away from being stuck in a cramped, hot carriage.  I was bowled over by her smell, my mind drifting to thoughts of how it’d feel to run my fingers through her hair, to gather it into a ponytail and pull it back.  Would she arch her back?  How would that look?  Would it look like I was taking her from behind, pounding at her pale, creamy skin, holding her sweetly scented hair?

Suddenly I realised that my little fantasy was having an effect and my cock was getting hard.  Oh no, oh shit, this I did not need.  If she felt it, which she surely must in a few moments, she was likely to swing for me - as best she could in the crush - or at least shout about it.  Bollocks.

But it was too late and whether the fear helped or not, my cock was already hard enough that I could feel it pressing against my underwear.  There was no hiding it now and the bumping, swaying and jolting of the carriage wasn’t helping any either.  With each movement, my cock was rubbed against or pressed into her arse and as much as I closed my eyes and thought of horrible things, the motion kept my erection at full mast.

That’s when I felt it, even though I couldn’t believe it was happening.  But it was, it had to be.  The woman was no longer just moving with the motion of the carriage.  I could feel the pressure of her pushing her arse back into my crotch, my cock slotting nicely in.  My heart, so panicked before, kept up its rhythm and my breathing got heavier.

Her buttocks formed a perfect mould around my raging hard-on and she briefly pressed back hard, almost pushing me back.  Then she stopped swaying and began a more rhythmic up and down motion. It wasn't noticeable to anyone around us, but that few inches of vertical motion along with her increased pressure against my crotch was more than enough friction to stroke me through my pants. I could see her shoulders moving as her breathing picked up.

I knew I should stop this, knew I should tap her on the shoulder and explain but I couldn’t do it - she was doing what she wanted and who was I to stop her?

The train came to a halt and I’d been so caught up that I hadn’t thought to grab onto something.  My momentum pushed my cock hard into the groove of her arse and the rest of my body against her back and she put her hand up to the bars, gripping it tightly to keep herself in place.  I had no choice but to grab her, putting my hands around the tops of her hips to help keep my balance and stop from stumbling forward.

Now, I was sure, all hell would break loose but it didn’t.  The carriage stopped, a few people got out, a few more got on.  The lack of motion didn’t stop my new-found friend and as I remained with my cock firmly slotted between her buttocks, she started to flex them.  I’m not sure how she managed it but she flexed and moved her arse against me without the rest of her body apparently moving.  The delicious onslaught against my cock continued and I gripped tighter to her hips, pulling her onto me and maintaining the pressure.  The train started again and I began to knead her hips, moving against her gently.  She pushed back on me, her arse moving up and down slightly.

I wanted to turn her around, I wanted to grab her arse, run my hands over her belly, up and down, but I knew that wasn’t what this was.  I knew this was all about the moment and nothing more.

The train slowed down for the next stop.  She kept moving against her bum against me, up and down, pressing back and I could feel the pressure growing in my balls.  I didn’t want to cum here, certainly not in my pants but I gripped her hips, hoping that she was getting something out of this too.

As the car slowed, the lack of motion didn’t stop her and I kneaded her hips harder.  I leaned forward, let out a groan and she leaned her head back slightly, releasing more of her wonderful scent.  I heard her moan softly and then the train came to a stop.

“I have to go,” she said and wiggled her arse against me one more time.  I waited for her to step forward, looked down at the dent in her skirt where my bulge had pressed so hard into her arse.  I quickly covered my hard-on with my briefcase.  She stepped forward, straighetened her skirt and shook out her hair, then got off the train.

As she stepped onto the platform she turned and I saw her properly for the first time and realised that I knew her.  Not to speak to, but to nod at in the corridors of the giant office building I was currently working in.  I couldn’t remember what company she worked for but we had crossed paths in the corridors.

She nodded and smiled at me, a flush on her cheeks and held her hands in the shape of a phone.  I shrugged and she smiled, so I smiled back.

Tomorrow, I would find out what company she worked for and give her the ring she wanted me to.  For now, I just wanted to get back to my hotel room to wank myself senseless.

Monday, 23 January 2017

A holiday romance (back in the day)

It was 1990, she was from Germany, we met on a holiday to Corfu. We went with friends, met on our first night and enjoyed a 'whirlwind' romance. After a few letters and one Christmas card, I never heard from her again.

Oh well, such is life.

Monday, 16 January 2017

A reader, enjoying herself...

Seems like she's reading something that's pushing all the right buttons!

If you'd like to get some equal enjoyment, could I remind you that those lovely folks at Puppet Press have taken three of my short stories and put them together in a wonderful, slim little paperback (with cover art by me).

I'm thrilled with it and I hope that if you take a chance on it, you'll enjoy them too!

If you're interested - and no worries if you're not - the book can be purchased from at