Monday, 19 June 2017

Three stories from me!

A little reminder, for those people who like what I write as well as the photographs I take.

Those lovely folks at Puppet Press have taken three of my short stories and put them together in a wonderful, slim little paperback (with cover art by me).

I'm really chuffed with it and, if you decide to take a chance and buy it, I hope you enjoy it

If you're interested - and no worries if you're not - the book can be purchased from at

Monday, 12 June 2017

Denise, from 1988

I've been sorting through some of my old pics, scanning them in and seeing just what I've got. Some of them are wonderful - like this set, here - some of them are bloody awful. Anyway, this is Denise and she was a friend of a friend, lovely person and very nice to be around. We got together during sixth form, re-connectd again a year or so later and I hoped something might develop but it never did. Lovely body too and wonderful feet.

She now works for a newspaper in the South-West, happily married with a couple of kids. We got in touch through Facebook and as we talked, I mentioned the old pics. I sent her copies and she agreed, so long as I blocked her face, to me posting them here. So please enjoy...

Monday, 5 June 2017

Girls in the summer...

Nice weather, summer dresses, bare legs and feet - what more could a hot-blooded heterosexual man ever want, eh?

These are some pictures I've taken over the past few weeks, hope you like them.

Not feet but look at that cleavage!  Taken in Primark, of all places...

Monday, 29 May 2017

Laura shows me what she's got!

This is my old friend Laura, whom I've known for years.  We met up a few weeks back for a lunchtime drink and, as always happens with old friends, we chatted about sex.  She's in a relationship now, with a good bloke and she was worried about me - I told her not to worry too much.

As we talked, it became obvious that there was something she wanted to ask me and it took two glasses of house white for her to 'fess up.

"One of my fantasies has always been to flash somewhere, you know and have a record of it.  I can't ask [partner] to do it, he'd think it was too kinky, so how about you?  We're known each other for ages, what do you say?"

Now Laura is a great looking woman and I'm always up for a bit of nudity, so I agreed.  I also told her about this blog and that clearly excited her, especially when I asked if I could publish the photos on here.  She agreed then rang me, after the shoot, to ask if I could make her a bit more anonymous - she works in the council and doesn't need anything potentially damaging to pop up.  I gladly agreed - both for her sake and also because they're great shots.

See for yourself!

Monday, 22 May 2017

Melissa's great tits

I met a woman through the Internet dating site the other week called Melissa - she was very nice, blonde, early 40s, bit of a free-spirit and divorced for about five years.  We got on well, saw each other a few times and although I don’t see it going much further, we had a nice time.  Even better, she fancied me, she was always horny and she had great tits!

On our fourth date, we’d been into town and hit the bars and both of us got a little bit tipsy.  We went back to her flat and I couldn’t take my eyes off her - she was wearing a knee-length skirt and a tight blouse that showed everything in the most perfect way possible.  The merrier I got, the more her tits mesmerised me, even the way they moved when she breathed - it was like they were trying to escape her bra.

As she brought in a glass of wine for me, she noticed my gaze, smiled and put the drink down.

“Do you think I have nice tits?” she asked.

“Absolutely, they’re terrific.”

She began rubbing her right breast gently. "You know, sometimes, if I’m in the right mood, I can make myself cum just by playing with them. I cum even harder if someone else is doing the playing.”

That was an offer I couldn’t refuse. I started to rub her left tit, brushing my fingertips along the line of her bra and heard her sigh as I slid a finger into the neckline of her blouse.  Some of the buttons came undone, allowing me easy access and I sought her nipple, massaging it through her bra it hardened under my finger. She began to squirm slightly.

“It’d be better if you could see them,” she said and pulled her top over her head. She undid the clasps on her bra and let it fall to the floor. Her breasts were full, with nice, largish nipples and she rubbed them, pushing them together until her cleavage was nothing more than a tight crack. She leaned forward, her hands on my shoulders, until my face was inches away from her skin. She pushed me backwards on the sofa, until I was lying down and gently swayed her magnificent tits against my face. I reached for her arse, but she firmly put my hands on the sides of her tits.

“No, let’s just keep this simple. I can’t do anything tonight, but let’s get each other off.”

I admit, I was disappointed but it was better than nothing. I started kneading her tits and squeezing her nipples, craning my neck so that I could kiss her warm skin. I sucked a nipple into my mouth and she moaned - this tit play was really getting her hot, the flush of colour across her chest and throat telling me that. I cupped her boobs, mouthing one nipple and teasing the other with my fingers. She moved against me, pushing her tits into my face until my nose and mouth were covered. I grabbed as much of that heaving flesh as I could and squeezed them together. Her nipples were right next to one another and I managed to get them both into my mouth at the same time. She gave a little squeal, which rapidly turned into a series of pants and moans as I sucked and chewed. Within seconds her knees were shaking and her full weight fell onto me, my tongue playing her nipples hard. She came, all of a sudden and writhed against me as I continued my assault on her breasts.

By now my cock was rock hard and as she lifted herself up slowly, she looked at my crotch.

“That was incredible, Pete,” she said, “let me return the favour.”

She slid down until her face was level with my crotch and unbuckled my belt, then pulled my trousers down.  She slid her hand into my boxers and pulled my cock out, rubbing it gently and I watched, in delightful agony, her fingers glide up and down my shaft. Pulling my trousers and boxers down and off she smiled and leaned forward slightly so that the tip of my cock was rubbing softly against her lips as she wanked me. She continued this for a few minutes, one hand softly massaging my balls. Then she used what nature had given her. She shifted closer until her tits were resting on my thighs then rubbed the head of my cock over them. She teased me with her nipples, pushing my cock against them, rubbing it all over the large mounds and in the valley of her cleavage, coating her skin with pre-cum. Then she slid my cock between her tits and, with both hands, wrapped them around me until I could only see the head poking from the top of her cleavage. She held them tight and began to squeeze her nipples between her fingers as hard as she could.

"Now let’s see if I can make myself cum again, before you come all over these, okay?”

I didn’t need telling twice and started to pound my cock between her tits as she squeezed them.  The friction was unbelievable and, combined with the view and the fact I knew she was getting off, made it one of the horniest tit-fucks I’d ever experienced.  I thrust as hard and fast as I could.  She dropped her head, my cock banging her chin as she started moaning.  The sensation of my balls brushing her skin, the feel of her tits in my hands, the pace and movement of my cock were getting to me, pushing me closer to the edge.

“I’m there,” she gasped, “cum on my tits, cum on them.”

I thrust harder, feeling the pressure building up in my balls. "Oh fuck, I’m cumming.”

“Yes,” she gasped, “do it now!”

The cum exploded out of my cock, shooting across her cleavage and face. She moved her head and took the second blast into her mouth, then swirled her tongue around the head of my cock each time it came within range. Her own orgasm overtook her as she pulled her nipples hard, almost screaming in her pleasure. The cum dripped of her face as I carried on fucking her tits, until I couldn’t go on any more. She smiled at me, rubbing my cum into her skin.

“Wow,” she said, “that was incredible.”

“I’ve never had anything like that before,” I said, stroking her tits gently and pulling lightly on her nipples.  “We’ve got to do that again!”

“We will,” she said and stood up.  She smiled at me, put her hand under her left breast and lifted it up so that she could tongue the nipple and mop up some of my cum.  That view, in itself, was enough to get me going again…

Monday, 15 May 2017

My ex-wife... once more

It's cycled around again, from last November this time.

More thoughts of the ex-wife, more fun looking at the pictures.  And you know how it goes, if I'm thinking about her, I post those old photos and then we all get to have some fun!


Monday, 8 May 2017

My friend Paula

I've known Paula for a couple of years now, we met at the Photography group but it quickly became obvious that she was more comfortable in front of the lens than behind the viewfinder.  I sometimes use her as a model and she sometimes asks me to take pics of her.

This is one such set.  I went around to her place with some friends for a pizza, wine and games evening.  We all got a little tipsy, our friends left and Paula decided she wanted to do a bit of modelling.  Before I could say anything, she was down to her skimpies and I was more than happy to get some shots in.

The reason for this post is that I had dinner with Paula last night and we happened to mention this.  I told her about the blog and she was more than happy to have her pictures up here (so expect more sets in the future!).

And without further ado, here's my friend Paula!

Monday, 1 May 2017

A readers wife approves!

I love getting emails from readers of this blog and I especially love it when the blog gets people going.

Pete, from Sandhurst, sent me this email of his girlfriend Sharon. She'd just read about my footjob from Rachel (which is here, if you're interested) and it really got her excited!

Thanks for this, mate, hope you took advantage of the situation!

Monday, 24 April 2017

Serena likes flashing

This is Serena. I've known her for ages (she knew my ex-wife from college) and she's a bit of a wild thing. We've never done the deed (though I'd like to) but I've photographed her a few times over the years.

These were taken a few years ago. She'd been single for a while and was getting into dildoes. My ex-wife was due to visit her sister one weekend, so Serena & I went into town, picked up some sex aids and took them back to her place. This photo-set is what came out of that.

I saw Serena last week, when I asked her permission to print these. She said this was the most enjoyable of all the shoots we did together. And she'd like to do another...

Monday, 17 April 2017

Fucking on a train

We were on the train coming back from London, having been to the capital to see a show.  Christina was in a state of high arousal for most of the day and, on the journey with a mostly deserted train, she decided to play with herself - for our mutual benefit.

She moved both hands slowly down her belly.  With her fingertips, she teased at the waist of her shorts as if debating pushing them inside, then drew back up, hooking under the hem of her vest.  If one fluid movement, she pulled the material up to her bra, leaving her belly beautifully exposed.  Her breathing was getting more rapid now and you could see the movement around her belly button.  It looked lovely and I just wanted to kiss it.  I hoisted myself up onto the table on my elbows to get a better view.

Moving her hands slowly back past her belly button, she undid the button on her shorts with great deliberation.  She didn’t unzip, letting it come open on its own as she pushed her hands into her shorts.  She lifted herself off the seat slightly and kept pushing with her hands, sliding her shorts down past her backside.  A little wriggle and they slid down her legs.

Christina ran her index and middle fingers lightly over the front of her knickers, following the contours of her pussy.  As she slid them over her lips, I could see damp traces appear in the material.  She put both hands against her pussy, slowly tickling the area around the clit.  She moved her arms together, pushing her breasts into a deep valley of cleavage.  Both nipples were standing to attention.  She looked at me.  “Good?”
 “It’s so fucking hot…”

She licked her lips provocatively, then bit the lower one.

“Oh my god,”I said.

Her breathing was getting harder and faster.  She moved her hands together, both index fingers rubbing the groove of her pussy, making the knickers wetter with each pass.  I could see the lips clearly now, they were separated slightly.  She pressed her fingers harder against her clit and bit her lip harder.  Her fingers pushed harder onto her clit, then slid off to one side before she pulled back across her pussy hard.  I could see that her palms were sweaty and the gusset of her knickers was a ruin by now.  She rubbed her fingers back and forth, faster and faster against her clit.  With her right hand, she sought out her left nipple and began to tweak it, much more savagely than I ever would have.

With her thumb on her clit, Christina began to slide the heel of her left hand up and down her lips.  I saw the muscles in her thighs clench.  She held her breath, her hand moving harder, the material moving with her.  She tweaked her nipple again, pinching it through the fabric and then she shuddered, somewhere deep in her belly.  Her legs went rigid and she tilted her pelvis forward and up, her backside coming off the seat.  The shudders became spasms and she rode two or three of them, her hand barely slowing.  I watched in awe.

After the last spasm, she stopped moving her hand and exhaled, slow and hard.  It took her another couple of moments before she opened her eyes and smiled sleepily at me.  Strands of her hair clung damply to her forehead.

“Okay,” she said finally, “fuck teasing you, I want you now.”

“Now?  We’re on a train.”  I can be very dense sometimes.

Christina slid out of the seat and stood in front of me, smoothing down the front of her shorts.  She made a V of her fingers, rubbing it over her crotch.

“Follow me,” she said and walked past.

I turned and watched her nice arse and slender legs and knew that I needed to have her right then.  I slid out of my seat, checked that nobody was watching us and then followed her through the automatic doors.  Christina was standing outside one of the toilet doors and leaned on it to push it open.  She pressed her index finger to my lips.

“Try not to make too much noise,” she said then grabbed the neck of my t-shirt and pulled me into the small space, locking the door behind us.  She kissed me hard, her fingers fumbling with my belt. I kissed her back, our tongues pushing against each other.  My belt came undone and she pulled my shorts and boxers down in one fluid movment, breaking the kiss and bending down.  My cock was hard, jutting out like a bayonet.  She smiled up at me and, in a crouch, leaned forward and closed her soft, supple lips around the head of my cock.  Her tongue went to work, licking and slurping and circling the glans.  She moved her head up and down, coating my cock with saliva and I grabbed the sides of the toilet, biting my lip to stop myself from making a noise.  My cock grew harder, harder still and she pushed herself, trying to take more of it.  She reached up and, with her fingernails, stroked my shaft and massaged my balls.

I tapped her shoulder and when she looked up, I shook my head - no, too much!  She raised her eyebrows, let me cock go with a pop and stood up.

“Really?” she whispered.

“Really - it feels great and you’ve wound me up a treat with your wanking, this is all so fucking erotic.”

She pulled her t-shirt up and I reached for her tits, pushing them together and groping her nipples through the fabric of her bra.  Her nipples were really sensitive nipples and moaned lightly.  Hooking her fingers in the waist of her shorts, she slid them down to her knees and, leaving one hand to maul her tits, I reached down and stroked her pussy lips through the damp gusset of her knickers. 

She pushed her knickers down her legs and I slid a finger into her pussy.  She grabbed my shoulders and, fucking her with my index finger, I rubbed her clit with my thumb.  She kissed me again, harder than before and wrapped her fingers around my cock, wanking me with quick, short strokes.

She was clearly still turned on from her public masturbation because it was only a few moments before she began to shudder.  I broke the kiss and attacked her neck and earlobes, tweaking her nipple whilst I did so and she came all of a sudden, moaning and groaning, her legs wobbling slightly.

When she was finished, she leaned against me and lifted her left leg to place her foot on the toilet behind me.  She grabbed my cock and guided it into her wet, juicy pussy.  We both moaned a little when I penetrated her and she rolled on the balls of her feet, getting into the right position for me to go as deep as possible.  She moved up gently, as if gauging how far she could go and then impaled herself again.

I kissed her, both of us full of passion and hunger.  She started to bounce up and down, sliding her slick wet pussy onto my aching cock, and grabbing my arse cheeks.  I grabbed hers as well, helping with her thrusts.  We quickly worked up a rhythm that accelerated, heated up, and all too soon for me, it felt like we were getting close to the edge.  Still holding her arse, I managed to slow her movements down and she looked at me, frowning.

“Too much,” I whispered, my breath coming in short sharp bursts.  She nodded, understanding perfectly and maneuvered herself so that my cock slid out of her.  She rubbed her clit quickly, gave my cock a quick wank and then pushed me backwards so that I was sitting on the toilet lid.

She turned, put her hands on my thighs and settled herself backwards onto my cock.  She eased down, taking me all the way in and gasped when she bottomed out.  She began to bounce on me again and I leaned forward slightly, reaching around her to play with her clit.  The whole thing - the naughty air of all this, the fact that we were in a toilet, the fact that there was a train full of people out there - meant we were both close to the edge again and when she started to shudder, I took over the movement, thrusting hard into her, thumbing her clit hard at the same time.  She came just before I knew that I’d passed the point of no return and I came just after she finished, pumping hard.

We kept moving for a moment or two and then she slowly eased off me, cupping her left hand at her pussy and reaching for some toilet paper.  When she’d wiped herself, she shook my cock lightly and leaned down to kiss me.
“Now that made it all the better, didn’t it?” she said.