Monday, 20 June 2016

Readers Wives (selfies)

In a slight change to the usual Readers Wives posts I occasionally put up on the blog (yes, I don't get enough - please send more to, these are mainly selfies.

And very nice they are too - enjoy!
 From Jennifer - very nice!

 "I got my boyfriend Mike to take this, but it was all my idea, does that count as a selfie?"  Yes, I'll let you have that, Alice.
"What do you think of my French polish pedicure, Pete?"  Sally, I think those toes look delicious enough to suck on!

"I hope you like my pic," writes Adele, "I love the fact that anyone would think I was a MILF."  Oh I do, I really do - very nice.

 Mel, in her bathroom.  Thanks for the great pic!

 "My first selfie," writes Michelle.  Very nice, I have to say.

 Karen took this on holiday and I love it - great tits, belly and toes!

 "Thank goodness for self-timers," writes Sheila.  Thank goodness you sent me this pic!

"Do you like my tits?" asks Stephanie?  I do indeed!

Monday, 13 June 2016

Ladies enjoying the sun barefoot

Ah, the summer - when lovely  weather means ladies wearing less, on their bodies and on their feet. And if they stop, to have lunch, sometimes they go barefoot. I was in a park, in Leicester, with a client having a bite to eat and spotted these lovely ladies whilst there.


Monday, 6 June 2016

Outdoor fun with Rachel

Rachel, my fuckbuddy, uses our relationship to do everything kinky that she can think of - to be honest, I do the same thing.  We were talking one day in the summer and ‘doing it outdoors’ was mentioned - it seemed like a good idea, we were adults so what the fuck were we waiting for?

We went out for a drive and Rachel directed me to a country road midway between Northampton and Milton Keynes.  She’d noticed it on her daily commute and thought we might, one day, find it useful.  I smiled and pulled over.

Rachel led me away from the car and into a small spare copse and pushed me against a tree, kissing me. She unbuttoned her shorts and pushed them down to her ankles, then knelt down, waving her arse in the air. My mouth dropped open, I’m sure of it, as I stared at her inviting backside, arched up proudly.

“So do you really want to do it outdoors then?” she asked, looking over her shoulder.  I looked around - we were pretty well concealed and, fuck it, who cared. I slid my boxers and shorts down and Rachel knelt in front of me, sucking my hardening cock into her mouth.  She worked it slowly, holding me there, swirling her tongue all over my shaft and head.

I was hard as nails by then and when Rachel took a breath, I pulled my cock out of her mouth and stood her up, dropping to my knees.  I slid her shorts and damp knickers down and licked her pussy, which was already glistening with juices in the moonlight.  I flicked her clit with my forefingers, slid my thumb as far into her pussy as I could and I tongued every inch of her cunt.  She put her hands against my head, groaning and shuddering as she came.

“That’s it,” she said, pulled her t-shirt off and put it on the floor behind her.  As she laid back, she said, “Come on, Pete, fuck me.”

“Are you really serious?”

“Fucking serious,” she said and grabbed my arse and pulled me between her legs. I held myself above her, my cock pressing at her cunt lips and then pushed in, penetrating her juicy pussy.

Rachel started pushing against me, as I thrust into her, so that she took all of my cock. Before I knew it, I was buried deep inside her. Rachel was letting out short bursts of moans that drove me wild. I pawed at her tits, flicking the nipples with my fingers. I mashed them together, leaning forward to lick and kiss them, playing with them and running my hands over her belly, then flicking her clit with my thumb. I kept that going, the clit flicking and the thrusting, until Rachel was literally biting her lip, holding back screams.

She reached down, stroking my balls as I thrust and that was it. “I’m almost there,” I said.

“Pull out, let me wank you off.”

I pulled out and she grabbed my cock and wanked me hard, her hands almost a blur and then I came, all over her cunt and belly.

“Fuck,” I said, “that was intense.”

“You wait until we get back and shower,” she said, “then you can lick me all night.”

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Tash the exhibitionist

One of the benefits of the photography club (and, I assume, being a decent enough bloke that women are comfortable with me) is that, in addition to models coming to us, sometimes models ask us to help them out. One such is the delightful Tash, who asked me to take some pics of her.

"No problem," I said.

"Great," she replied, "except they must be outside and I'll be wearing some kinky stuff."

Tash has given me permission to post her pics up here, but since they're out-takes of the session (which, I'm pleased to say, she sent to a modelling agency in London and they were sufficient to get her an interview), I've decided - once again - to hide her identity. Hope you can understand!

Anyway, here's Tash...

Monday, 23 May 2016

My old friend Emma

This is Emma, who I've known for years and years and this is as naked as I've ever seen her. When I was married, it never occured to me how fucking gorgeous she is. Now that I can, it's too late. Life's a bitch sometimes, eh?

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Tits, wanking and my ex-wife

My ex-wife and I had been messing around, taking some shots of her in her bra and knickers - she never really got the fact that she had great tits and so I took it upon myself to remind her as often as I possibly could.

I got to her go on all fours, to that her tits hung and were cupped by the bra and then got her to crawl over me.  Well, I have to say that my professional mask slipped a little and I told her that she looked absolutely fucking fantastic.  And then I suggested a smutty photo shoot.

“Okay,” she said, “so long as you don’t see my face.”

“No problem,” I said. She was a beautiful woman and had a very pretty face but right now I just wanted to see her, tits hanging, playing with my cock. Thankfully, she had no problem with that.

“Get comfy,” she said and slid my boxers and shorts down and my t-shirt up. She crawled seductively over me and leaned down, giving me a passionate kiss as I stroked her tits through her bra.

She backed up on her knees, her back arched with her arse high in the air, her left forearm resting across my stomach. She kissed the head of my cock, stirring it into action and before long, I was hard and ready to go.  She sucked me into her mouth then, getting most of me in and moving her head from side to side, nuzzling my pubic hair with her nose. She parted her lips and reared her head back, my cock glistening with her spit.

She grasped my cock in her hand, slowly bringing it up and down along my shaft, twisting her hand back and forth with a few flicks of her wrist, pausing every now and then to spit on the head of my cock.

“Oh shit, keep on like this and I’m going to cum.”

“Get some shots then,” she said, smiling.

I took a few and my ex kept working on me, moving her hand slow then fast, smearing my pre-cum over the head of my cock and her hand. I played with her tits, wanting to do more, but she picked up the speed, bending forward to run her tongue and lips over my cock.

I held on for as long as I could, until she took me in her mouth, sucking hard and wanked me at the same time. I gently tapped the side of her tit and she released me from her mouth, still pumping me hard and fast.

I came, my cock spasming in her grip, shooting my cum into her open, waiting mouth.

She wanked me until I put my hand over her, then stayed completely still until I was limp in her hand. Then she looked at me, opened her mouth and showed me my cum on her tongue, then swallowed.

"All gone," she smiled, opening wide to show me her empty mouth.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Walking home barefoot

I saw this lady tonight as I was driving home from work.  It'd been a weird day weather-wise, rainy but quite warm at times so I presume her feet were hot and/or tired and this was a nice way of relieving them.  It was also a very nice thing to see for me too!


Thursday, 5 May 2016

Readers Wives selfies!


Thank you so much for your response to the last post about readers wives - my inbox has been gladly chiming with them and so here are a selection (more to follow - I got a lot!) of readers wives (or, maybe, the readers themselves!) selfies.

Enjoy - I know I did!

Becky, from Michigan, sent me this - "What do you think?" she asked.  Very nice, I say.

Rhonda sent me this, which I think is perhaps one of the best selfies ever, with her pussy and toes in the same shot!  Nice one, good lady and very, very sexy.

Vicky from Loughborough (not too far from me, as it happens) sent this.  "I'm proud of my tits," she writes and so she bloody should be!

Lesley wrote "If you're ever up in Durham, give me a shout and we can have a play."  Oh yes!

"When my husband left me for a younger woman," writes Susan who's in her early 50s, "I got new tits and I'm enjoying life to the full now.  Hope you enjoy this picture!"  Susan, it's fantastic and you look great!

Another golden MILF, this is Chantelle posing in her bathroom.  "If you like this," she writes, "I might take some more!"  Please do!

Sharon in the shower.  "If it helps me to get this published," she writes, "I came about a minute after taking this!"  Oh Sharon, I'd love for you to get a picture of that!  Send it in!

"I originally took this to send to my husband Pete," writes Dee, "but since he also follows your blog, I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone!  Hope you like my knockers!"  I do, Dee, I honestly do!

Friday, 29 April 2016

Tit-fucking Christina (at a party)

The party had been a bore and Christina and I had been entertaining ourselves with stories of what we’d do to one another when we got home.  In fact, some of it was so dirty that I was finding myself getting more and more noticeably turned on.

“Hey, you’re liking this, aren’t you?”

“Of course, I’m a red blooded man and you’re a beautiful woman.”

She smiled and bit her lip and I knew, right then, I was in for a treat.

“Do you think?” she asked, “that if we kept talking like this you’d actually make it home?”

“Maybe not.”

“Hmmm,” she and frowned.  “Now when we get home, I’ll need you to fuck me senseless for a long, long time.  So what shall we do?”

“Show me your tits.”

“And how will that help?”

I smiled.  “It won’t, but it’ll be fun.”

“Naughty boy,” she said but took my hand and led me out into the garden.  Most of the revellers were on the lawn, but she took me around the side of house, towards the garage.  Pushing me back against the wall of the house, she gave me a quick kiss and then stepped away.

She took off her thin cardigan slowly.  Under it she was wearing a striped top and she pushed her arms together, pressing her tits into one another until it looked as though they were going to burst free.  I glanced away briefly, to make sure no-one was coming and then looked at her shamelessly, growing ever more excited by the dirty thoughts were gorgeous tits were giving me.

Christina leaned over, looking me in the eyes and reached down to grip my cock through my trousers.  She squeezed it and stepped towards me, her tits tantalisingly close.  I leaned forward, to breathe on her cleavage and she slowly rubbed my cock, making it grow even harder.

“Would you like to cum on my tits?” she whispered into my ear.

I didn’t answer, instead I dipped my head and kissed her breasts, running from tongue between them.

Christina raised her head and kissed me on the lips.  Our tongues squirmed against each other and she began to rub my cock.  I trailed my fingers down, tracing the shape of her tits through her t-shirt.  I pressed her nipples hard and made her groan.

She undid the button and zip of my trousers and pushed them roughly down my legs.  I kicked them off and my stiff cock tented my boxers.  Christina gripped it hard with her left hand as she threw her right arm around my shoulders, pulling me against her, kissing me passionately. I squeezed her left tit, feeling her nipple harden against my palm and her breast pushed hard against the fabric of her bra as she arched her back.

She moaned into my mouth, her hand stroking my cock and then she broke free of the kiss and pulled violently at the waistband of my boxers.

“I want to see your cock,” she said.  The tip of it sprang out from under the waistband and pinged against my belly.  “You really are excited, aren’t you?”

She wrapped her hands around it and wanked me, her eyes wide.  Her arms pushed her breasts together, and they overflowed from her bra as I moaned quietly.  I reached down, stroking her belly and into the waistband of her skirt.  I touched her pussy, making her gasp.  She was excited, the gusset already wet.  She moaned as I applied more pressure and she moved her hips, grinding against my fingers.

“You’re very excited too,” I said.

“I don’t know how you do it,” she said, “but I’m so fucking glad you do!”

There was a cough from the area of the lawn and we both looked over.  Someone walked towards us but we were obviously deep enough in shadow that they couldn’t see us.  They went into the house, leaving the door open and blocking us from view of the lawn.

“Nice,” she said and, holding my cock tightly, licked the underside of it from my balls to my glans, tickling me with the tip of her tongue.  I let out a deep and contented sigh and grabbed for her boobs as she slipped my cock into her mouth, stroking the shaft of it still.  I pushed my hand further under her skirts waistband, pressing my fingers against her pussy lifts.

She moaned and let my cock slip out of her mouth, lifting it by the tip so that she could lick the whole shaft up and down.  She flicked her tongue over the gin, looking through her eyelashes with a lusty expression, then left my cock go.  She ran it over her cleavage, leaving a trail of her spit.

“Ready?” she said and I thumbed her clit in response.  She shuddered at the touch and smiled.  “Are you ready?”

I leaned forward, pressing my cock into her cleavage and she pushed her arms together, squeezing her tits, the soft fabric of her bra and my cock into the middle.  The pressure was wonderful, her skin so soft against mine.  I began to move up and down, thrusting gently so that I could keep a hand in her knickers, fucking her tits.  She reached down and tickled the back of my balls and I edged forward wanting more.  I slipped my finger under the gusset of her knickers, feeling it sink into the soft warmth of her pussy.

She groaned.  “Oh I love this, I love being with you, I love that we can be really dirty.”

“This is fucking excellent.”

She dropped her head and dribbled spit into her cleavage, using my cock to spread it over her tits.

“I want you to fuck my tits until you cum,” she said, her voice low.

I can do that, I thought.  “You are so fucking horny, Christina.”  I slid another finger into her, enjoying the rapt look of delight on her face.

She pushed her tits together and when my coke poked out, she darted for it with her tongue.  With my left hand I rubbed her nipples as I thrust harder, her tits wobbling and my rhythm picked up.  She reached down and pulled her knickers to one side, allowing me easier access.  I rubbed my thumb across her clit.

“Keep going,” she gasped, “keep going.”

I didn’t know if she meant my tit-fucking or my thumb, so I rubbed her clit as fast as I possibly could.  It was the right response and she groaned, her eyes closed.  I fucked her tits and finger-fucked her pussy and she rubbed my balls and I tweaked her nipples.  It was too much and the view from where I stood, as Christina writhed beneath me and her cleavage became red from the friction, was almost too much.

She came suddenly, a brisk orgasm that made her bit her lip and her body vibrate and that was my cue to thrust harder between her tits.

“Are you going to cum soon?” she asked, pulling my fingers out of her pussy.

“Yes,” I gasped, going to work on her nipples, making her groan all over again.  I pounded my cock faster, her tits slapping at each thrust and soon felt the tingle in my balls.

“I’m coming,” I said and she instantly leaned back, gripping my cock hard and jerking it quickly, aiming it at her tits.

The first splat of spunk hit her cleavage, the second her right nipple.  She jerked me quicker and I had to lean on the wall for support.  Her hand wanked me mercilessly, getting as much of my cum as she could.

“Fuck, that’s a lot of cum.”

She kept pumping my cock, spunk landing on  her tits and bra and belly and she writhed under it, rubbing it into her skin.

“Oh God,” she said, “this is turning me on as well.”

I watched as she hiked her skirt up and slid her hand into her groin, her fingers disappearing into her knickers.  I could see them working, at least two inside her pussy, her thumb rubbing her clit.

“Oh yeah,” I said, “do it.”

“You like watching me finger myself, don’t you?”  She pushed her knickers aside and used her fingers to spread her pussy lips wide.  There was no need for lubrication, she was soaking down there.  She reached back and I watched her right hand appear from under her arse, two fingers from that hand slipping into her pussy whilst her left focussed on her clit.

She came hard, her fingers speeding up and then slowing as shudders racked her body, her tits jiggling as she made wordless sounds with her lips.  As her  orgasm receded, she leaned against my legs, looking up at me with dazed eyes.

“Wow,” I said, “that was fucking excellent.”

“Glad you enjoyed it, now take me home and fuck me somewhere that I’m kneeling on carpet and not concrete!”

I couldn’t get her home quick enough.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Christina's sexy feet

 A self-portrait, taken from her phone, on the way home from the cinema.