Monday, 18 September 2017


This is Sophie, the girlfriend of one of my Photography group colleagues' son.  She wanted to do a spread to send through to a magazine and he didn't want to take the pictures himself (or, rather, his son probably didn't), so asked me instead.

It was good fun.  We shot it at her place, with her boyfriend sitting downstairs pretending to watch the TV and had a laugh.  She was good, knew how to pose, took direction and we were all done in about fifteen minutes.

These are the out-takes, obviously, but they show how pretty she is.  She's asked that if anyone has any feedback on the pictures to get in touch but, as usual, we'll run everything through me at

Enjoy Sophie...

Monday, 11 September 2017

Advertising with Kaz

One of the nice perks of the Photography group is that sometimes - it doesn't happen often - I get asked to take pictures for local advertising.  One such was a shower company, who had a new line of baths and wanted some press.  We met, talked, it seemed like fun and it paid, so I agreed.

If you're selling anything, always remember that a sexy angle works wonders.  Aware of this, I got in touch with Kaz, a local model who has appeared in the past in certain mens interest magazines.  She was up for it, we agreed a fee and the shoot took place at the company premises and we were left alone.

After I had the pictures I needed for the ad, I pushed my luck and took some more.  Thankfully, Kaz was more than up for it, as you can see.

And the piece de resistance - look at those lovely tits and that great belly!  Fantastic!

Monday, 4 September 2017

Back from holiday...

We went on holiday.

It was very nice.

The sun and the sea and the sand really do make you horny.  I don't think I've shagged as much this past week or so as I have this year.

I am happy.

This is a selection of photographs I took whilst we were away - hope you enjoy them.


Other ladies

Monday, 21 August 2017

Amanda's sexy feet

The great thing about taking photographs is that sometimes you get an image (or series of them) that you weren't expecting to.

Take Amanda, for example. Very nice nude model, lovely girl, came to the Photography club for a session dealing with light and shade. I noticed she had lovely feet, with truly magnificent toes. I would have loved to have sucked them but it wasn't to be. Anyway, see what you think!

Seriously, look at these bloody amazing toes!

Monday, 14 August 2017

My first footjob

I wrote about this ages ago but since I like feet, it's always good to post something about them on the blog.  I've always been keen on them but once I became sexually active, I was disappointed to find that a lot of women don’t like their feet to be touched.  My ex-wife, for example, would allow me to give her a foot massage or kiss her feet or give me a footjob, but I could tell she was never really into it.

My first experience was with a girl called Diane, who I met at the UCL bar one night. We’d been seeing each for a week or so and we were young and in love.  She would gladly sit there in the SU bar, rubbing my cock like there was no tomorrow, whilst I played with her pussy and arse. Good times.

On this particular day we’d gone back to her place, a little flat across from the campus and both of us were the worse-for-wear with drink. We chatted for a while, flirting and messing about and then she asked me what my fantasy was.  She told me hers - it involved her being fucked mercilessly by a black guy but since I’m white and didn’t want to ring any mates that night, we passed on it.

I decided to be honest and confessed to her that I had a thing about feet.  Far from being turned off, she had no problem with it and we stripped off. She had great little tits (I’m more of a bigger-tit kind of bloke but, I was there, I went with it) and a flat belly and a juicy arse and lovely, lovely feet. She pushed me onto my back, nestled herself between my legs and put her feet on my chest, wiggling her toes at me. I sucked each one into my mouth in turn and, as she started to play with my balls, I reached down and slid two fingers into her moistening pussy.

She pulled her feet back and scooched down the bed a bit, her feet gripping my cock.

“Stand up,” she said, “next to the bed.”

I did, reluctantly and without warning, she began wanking me, hard and fast, her feet pressing into me, her toes waggling over the shaft. The sensation was incredible and I could barely believe it was happening - I didn’t know what to look at first or what to do.  I chose to go with the flow, watching her feet do their magic and found that if I shifted slightly, she was in the perfect position for me to play with her pussy.  So I did, my fingers sinking easily between her lips, my thumb on her clit.

I began to fuck her feet, the motion moving her body, making her tits dance. The whole thing was the best thing, sexually, that I’d ever seen in my life to that point and it still ranks up there even now.  Her feet got quicker, as did my thrusts and I flicked her clit as if my life depended on it.

She came slightly before me, her shudders making her toes wriggle against my cock.  when I came she didn’t stop wanking me with her feet and I thought, for a moment, I was going to pass out.  Instead, I steadied myself and pointed my cock at the soles of her feet, painting them with cum.

We had a good night that night.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Is this arty and erotic?

I like it, so I think it's probably art but who cares - it's my cock and Christina's feet, so it's definitely erotic!  Win win!

What do you think?

Monday, 31 July 2017

Maggie, the gorgeous redhead

This is Maggie, a gorgeous redhead who I met through the Photography Group.  She wanted me to take some more pictures of her, for her portfolio and I was more than happy to do so.

I explained to her about my blog, she checked it out and liked it and so here's her set.  And, as ever, if you want to get in touch with her, email me at and I'll pass the messages along.


Monday, 24 July 2017

Love In An Elevator!

It had been about ten days since Christina and I last saw one another.  I’d been in Nottingham, doing some audit work and it was tiresome and boring.  Since the company was paying for the hotel room, she took Friday off and met me up there.

It was great to see her - though we’d texted some pictures to each other and had some phone sex - and didn’t take us long to fall back into synch.  She was wearing a t-shirt and blue jeans and looked absolutely fucking stunning.  We walked around the town centre, went on a tram, she started talking dirty, so I talked dirty back and we did a bit of groping and decided it would be best to get back to the room.

We stood in the foyer and got into the lift with a group of other people. She stood in front of me, and I could smell her hair. I moved my face closer, breathing gently on her bare shoulder and neck and had to bite my tongue, to not bite her beautiful skin. My cock was rock hard, pressing against my jeans.

Our fellow passengers were watching the floor numbers and I thought ‘fuck it’. I licked my index finger and then slid my hand into the waistband of her jeans and down towards her arse cheeks. Christina stiffened against me, with the slightest of gasps. My fingers moved into the groove of her arse and I pressed my finger lightly against the bud of her arsehole. She pushed back against me hard, pinning me to the wall and reached back, pressing her hand hard against my cock.

“Undo your button,” I whispered in her ear and she did, the waist of her jeans suddenly going slack and allowing me better access.  I pushed my hand further, my fingers exploring past her arse and towards her pussy.  The very bottom of the lips felt moist which made me smile.  I kissed her neck, sucking lightly on the skin and I heard her give her lightest of moans.

The lift doors opened. I tensed, wondering if more people would crush in, but thankfully they all left. I moved Christina away from me, pulled my hands out of her jeans and turned her around.  She smiled, bit her lip and I pushed my hand back into her jeans, my thumb sliding easily into her pussy.  At the same time, I pressed the lift button for the top floor.

Before the doors were fully closed we were kissing hard, our tongues slapping each other, our breath coming in short gasps. Christina grabbed my head with both hands, pulling me hard into her, her tongue thrusting so far into my mouth it felt like she was trying to fuck my face.

She broke free. “Can we do it in here, can you fuck me?  It’s been too long, I don’t want to wait.”

I shoved my hands up her t-shirt, pushing her bra up over her tits and grabbing them roughly. I spun her around, to face the mirrored back wall of the lift and glanced at the floor-indicator lights above the door.  We had a few left and the lift was so - would anyone get on at the top floor?

I pulled the zip of her jeans down and I could see her arse, the thin fabric of her knickers separating her cheeks.  I looked up and into the mirror to see her staring intensely at me. She nodded. I spat into my hand and rubbed it between her legs, into her wet pussy, then over the head of my cock.

“Come on,” she said, sounding half-strangled, “fuck me, Pete!”

I pressed the head of my cock against her pussy and she stood on tiptoes, moving up against me so that she could almost push herself back to sit on my cock. I rubbed up and down her pussy lips until she was biting her lips and then slid into her, gently but firmly, moving against her so that if it hurt, I could stop. Finally, I was literally balls deep.

“Fuck that’s good,” she said, breathing a bloom of condensation onto the mirror, “fuck.”  We started to build a rhythm, me thrusting and her moving up and down.  Very  soon I was thrusting so hard that the sound of her arse slapping my belly was almost echoing around the lift.

I watched my cock and her pussy, then into the mirror. Christina was braced against the handrail, biting her lips, her eyes half closed. She was breathing quickly.  I reached up and cupped her right breast and it made her jump. She opened her eyes, smiled lazily at me, then let herself go back to the fucking, pushing against me harder.

Her pussy seemed to suck at my cock, pulling it in further than I thought it could go. With everything else, the sight and the sound and the feeling, I was almost there and then she came, hard.

Her pussy walls rippled against me and I eased off the pressure on her clit, grabbing her other tit to try and give her a bit of support. I felt her legs wobble and she made a strange sound, then shook her head and seemed to come back to me. I flicked her clit, making her squirm and she reached down, pulling my hand away, pulling up and licking my fingers.

That did it. I thrust even harder into her, sucking on her neck hard enough for a love-bite and she licked my fingers. Then I was coming deep inside her and she moaned at that and seemed to come again herself, leaning into the mirror and whimpering, almost incoherently. I kept thrusting until it was too much, then leaned against her, bracing myself with my hands on the mirror.

The bell for the floor dinged and the doors slid open and, thank goodness, there was an empty hallway. We quickly separated, my cock sliding out of her pussy with a wet sound and my cum glistening in the soft hairs around her pussy.  She took a tissue out of her bag and mopped it up, as I tried to sort out her bra and t-shirt for her.

She began to giggle and so did I, overwhelmed by what we’d just done. I pressed the button for our floor and we zipped up, buttoned up, and arranged ourselves as the lift headed down. There were people waiting on our floor and we walked by them, flushed and sweaty and grinning like fools.

“I wonder if they’ll smell us,” I said.

Christina smiled. “Who knows. Come on, I need a shower.”

Monday, 17 July 2017

Cosplay at Comic Con (lovely!)

My old friend Mick rang me on Friday night, to see if I was free today - he had a spare ticket to the MCM Comic Con event at the NEC in Birmingham and since that's less than an hour from my place, he wondered if I wanted to go.  Now I'm a fan of films, I love Star Wars and ever since The X Files, I've had a special place in my heart for sci-fi females - so I agreed to go.

I had a great time, we saw a few demonstrations, went to a couple of panels, saw some glamour models and bought some stuff that I hadn't seen since my childhood.  Even better, I saw a lot of very attractive young ladies indulging in cosplay.  Now if you'd asked me before today what that was, I'd have have said it came from Ann Summers but this is people (male and female) dressing as their favourite film characters.  In the case of the girls, it also seems to mean baring as much flesh as possible.

I noticed lots of people taking photographs (some men had very expensive cameras at the ready ;-) and was informed that it was fine to take pictures.  Of course, that's brilliant and my only complaint is that I didn't know it would be like that, so I didn't take my Nikon.  Instead, all of these were captured on my Smartphone, hence the poorer image resolution.


Monday, 10 July 2017

Christina in stockings

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that I like feet and I particularly love Christina’s feet.  She had to go out the other night on a very posh, work-based do - heels, stockings, LBD.  She looked fucking gorgeous, to be honest and I loved the look of her feet in the stockings.  So much so, I got her to pose for a few pictures.

Still undecided about stockings as a whole, but I like these.